Wednesday, Jul 8, 2020
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The mess they left

When the Bahamian people voted on May 10 they attempted something extraordinary. They tried to remove the entire Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) from elected office. They nearly succeeded. The PLP won only four of 39 seats in the House of Assembly. And those victories were by

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Refusing to accept your loss

Dear Editor,   The Bahamian populace has given Hubert Minnis and his government a very clear mandate to govern our country for the next five years. The eminent QC, Wayne “Kiss my backside” Munroe, who believes in his mind that he’s the keenest person God has created, was

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VAT repeals delayed

The government will delay its plans to repeal value-added tax (VAT) on breadbasket items due to the extensive borrowing needed to cover the government’s obligations, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest said yesterday. But he said he’s hoping those promises can be fulfilled

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