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Report outlines millions made in seafood sector last year

A report showed that the value of seafood exports such as spiny lobsters and stone crabs totaled near $37 million last year, while the value of popular scale fish, such as grouper and snapper, came in at just under $270,000.

In the report compiled by the Department of Statistics entitled “Quality and value of domestic exports from The Bahamas by commodity and country of destination for year ending 31 December, 2016”, the numbers and values of exports were listed, ranging from live animals, fish and crustaceans to articles of clothing and other materials.

The report shows, under the heading “Crustaceans whether in shell or not live fresh chilled frozen dried”, an export value of $36,739,548.

Also, under the heading “Mollusks whether in shell or not live fresh chilled frozen dried salted”, the export value was recorded at an estimated $34 million. In a further breakdown, it showed that live conch (strombus) was exported to the United States, frozen conch (strombus) was exported to Canada, France, Germany and the United States, and other conch (strombus) went to Hong Kong.

The report also showed that grouper and snapper, which both came under “fish fresh, chilled, frozen and fillet”, were only exported to the United States.

“Fresh fish or chilled excluding fresh fish fillets and other fish meat” had a value of $168,149, and “frozen fish excluding fish fillets and other fish meat of heading” had a value of $101, 035; the two figures combined give a total of $269,184.

Meanwhile, crustaceans such as spiny lobsters (panulirus argus) that were in the shell or not live went to South Vietnam, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, the United States and Belgium.

The value for live animals and animal products being exported stood at an estimated $72 million.

Fish, crustaceans, mollusks and other aquatic invertebrates were valued over $70 million.

The total value of vegetable products exported last year was $719,773.

Under the heading, “Edible fruits & nuts peel of citrus fruit of melon”, the export value was $499.





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