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What is your ministry?

I guess that when some people read the title of today’s article they may say to themselves D. Paul is obviously not addressing his remarks to me, as I’m not an ordained minister. Now please wait a minute before you tune me out. You don’t have to be an ordained minister in order to have a ministry. You see, when I talk about a ministry, I’m referring more or less to your calling. I personally believe that each and every one of us was given specific, unique talents to be used in our “ministry” to make a specific contribution to the world and its people.

Yes indeed, I honestly believe, that everyone has a ministry, a specific purpose, a cause if you will which they’re supposed to be pursuing. In other words, contrary to what many think, the whole purpose of life is not just all about you and how well you do — on the contrary, I believe the whole purpose of life on planet Earth is about service to our brothers and sisters in God’s universal family. Only when we engage in this service to our fellow human beings can we hope to succeed, prosper and live a contented, meaningful and really successful life.

So when choosing a career, it should not be about how much money can I make out of it, but how can I use my God-given talents in the service of humanity to the best advantage. Of course when I do this, and do it well, I will also make money, whilst enjoying what I daily do for a living.

So I ask you in all sincerity the question once again posed by the title of today’s article, what is your ministry? Once you answer that, then and only then will you be on your way to a happy, contented, satisfying and successful life. So why not spend some quiet time this week thinking seriously about what I have suggested here today, for I believe it will eventually bring you the happiness and success you seek.


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