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You’re the author

Whatever your name is, let’s for our purposes here today presume it’s John Doe, well then there’s a book being written about the story of your life right now and guess who’s writing that book, who’s the author of the story of your life? As today’s title puts it, you’re the author.

Now the author of a book is in control of what he or she wishes to write on the pages of that very important book — at least important to you, for it will contain a record of your successes along the way together with the inevitable failures. However, here’s the good part, as you’re the author of the story of your life, you get to decide exactly what is written on each and every page.

Yes my friend, you’re in control of your future. So why don’t you start mapping out your book by writing an outline of exactly what you’d like the story to be. By doing this you’ll be setting up a route map so to speak, for exactly where you want to go in life. It’s setting up a plan which, if fulfilled, will bring you ultimately to exactly where you want to be in life. It’s just a novel way of setting up a series of goals, which you can then set out to achieve so that the book of your life will read like a winner’s story.

Don’t forget you’re in charge — you’re the author of the story of your life and no one else. So sit down in a quiet place and map out your literary masterpiece as you make a list of the goals you’d like to accomplish and exactly how you intend to make them become reality. Then write the book by making it a book of reality and not fiction.

Yes indeed, as the title of today’s article graphically puts it, you’re the author of the book of your life. You’re in control and no one else. So start today and make it happen. Start mapping out your goals. The chapters of your book and then write them by actually achieving what you set out to accomplish, and thus your book will be a bestseller — yes it will.

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