Thursday, Jul 2, 2020
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BCA looking to govt for public projects resurgence

With the construction sector facing a slowdown by the end of the year, according to President of the Bahamian Contractors’ Association (BCA) Leonard Sands, the sector is looking to government to tell it when it should expect to see a resurgence in public projects.

Part of the problem, according to Sands, is that the government is entering into tight austerity measures in order to rein in the country’s out-of-control debt.

Sands said, however, that the BCA and the construction sector, in general, need to hear from the government, and they are hoping to hear from government very soon.

“We are sitting waiting for clear details and timelines,” he said.

According to Sands, things in the sector are not “terrible”, but are slow and “there are a lot of questions that need answers”.

“I don’t hear the government speaking about timelines,” Sands said. “Are they constrained financially? If so, they have to say something.”

He said many of the programs put in place by the former government “are dead or ending” and contractors and construction workers have to find out where their next set of work is coming from.

He said there are some projects in the Abacos and some big projects ongoing on the outskirts of New Providence, but there is not much going on in the interior.

“On the interior of the island, work is few and far between,” said Sands. “We’re approaching a cautious place; we’re not stagnant yet.”

He said another huge concern for the sector is the threat of another major hurricane. The Caribbean has begun to see an uptick in storm activity in recent weeks.

“We cannot afford to take a hit right now,” said Sands.

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