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Long Island woman hacked to death

A Long Island woman was hacked to death with a cutlass in her mother’s home in Roses early Saturday, police said.

The murder of Eleanor Dean, a janitress and mother of seven, shocked many who are accustomed to the island’s tranquil environment.

Police said shortly after 2 a.m., a man with a cutlass entered a residence in Roses and struck two women with a cutlass multiple times.

Dean died on the scene.

Her mother, Hilda, was taken to a clinic in Long Island and was later airlifted to New Providence.

She was listed in stable condition.

The last murder on the island was in April 2015, when Harry Harding, 88, was found stabbed to death.

Long Island MP Adrian Gibson said yesterday residents were overcome with emotion.

He encouraged Long Islanders to work together to restore love and peace in the community.

“This incident came as a shock to many in the community and on the island,” Gibson said.

“She was a humble woman, and the news of her passing hurt many in Long Island.

“Long Island is still a place of tranquility and serenity, but every once in a while these things happen.

“We have to stay together and we have to restore the peace that once existed.”

Dean was a janitress at the island administrator’s office in Clarence Town.

Those who knew her said she was easygoing and a really nice individual who was always smiling.

Family members and friends took to Facebook to mourn the loss of a “beautiful soul”.

Terrece Bootle, who identified herself as the victim’s sister and friend, said she did not deserve to die the way she did.

“My heart is so broken,” Bootle said.

“My beloved, my friend, my sister needed protection.

“Oh, my God. She deserved better.”

Bootle said, “[She was] my ‘Nor’, our ‘Nor’. Justice shall prevail.”

Cleola Pinder, the new Long Island administrator, said Dean was more than a janitress.

“It’s still hard to believe,” Pinder said.

“She did everything. She went beyond the call of duty. I’ve been in Long Island for two weeks. I just met her. She has already had an impression on my life.”

Pinder said she could not imagine what it will be like going to the office this morning.

“She opened the office. She made sure everything was done. She just showed me the key to the community center on Friday,” Pinder said.

“She talked about the last hurricane and the role she played. She was just a wonderful person, a beautiful person inside and out.”

Lauryn Cartwright, 41, said she knew Dean her entire life.

She said she spoke to Dean days before her murder.

“She was just really a very nice person and a very quiet person,” Cartwright said.

“She was a family person. She made sure her children were taken care of and her grandchildren too.

“Anyone who knew her knew that she was very hard working.

“She is really going to be missed in the Long Island community.”

She said, “I had just spoken to her on Tuesday.

“She was very pleasant and very happy.

“Nothing was out of the ordinary, so this came as a shock to me.”

Meshalique Burrows Knowles, who was Dean’s close friend, said, “She was a very sweet and loving person.

“You never heard anything about her and she never caused any problems.

“She was a friend that no one can ever replace.”

Burrows Knowles added, “She certainly didn’t deserve the gruesome ending that happened.

“She had grandchildren that she deserved to spend her life with, spoiling them and making them happy.”

Police had been searching for Philip Dean for questioning in connection to the murder. Officers arrested Dean on Long Island at 10:20 p.m. last night.

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