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Golf focus by Ministry of Education huge national boost for the sport

Fred Sturrup is currently in London, England for the Commonwealth Boxing Council’s (CBC) Annual General Meeting (AGM), at which time, he is expected to make proposals on behalf of the Bahamas Boxing Commission (BBC), which he currently chairs. During this time, The Nassau Guardian Sports Section will run a few of Sturrup’s Sports Scope columns from the past. His regular columns will return on Wednesday, October 4.

Fred Higgs, Dr. Cleveland Eneas, Calvin Cooper, Ken Francis and Dr. Jan Steele-Perkins would be so delighted.
The aforementioned are all deceased, but their devotion to the sport will always be remembered. The Ministry of Education and Science Technology’s After School Sports Department, under the guidance of Director Evan Wisdom started a 10-week golf program in October.
It was a dream of Higgs, Eneas, Cooper, Francis and the first president of organized golf in the country, Dr. Steele-Perkins, that the sport they loved dearly would become rooted “some day” in the school system.
The time has come.
Coordinating the program with young students from the government schools, will be Bahamian female golf professional Georgette Rolle.
It is an inspiring initiative, with Wisdom, as the architect, that further expands the national sports development program.
Rolle is enthused.
“The program duration is 10 weeks and we began the first week of October. The purpose of the program is to expose Bahamian youth to the game of golf. Once they have been exposed to it, they can decide if its something they would like to further explore. As the saying goes, there are many ‘diamonds in the rough’ and we want the opportunity to ‘mow’ down the grass in the area of golf. From early results with this program, there are a large number of students who have already begun mastering the golf swing. We mainly focus on the full swing with our classes away from the golf courses. At times, we will simulate the putting or chipping on hard surfaces at the school,” informed Rolle.
The program is of a national perspective. This is good, because often so much of what goes on with the established ministries and government organizations are centered on the capital island of New Providence, alone, leaving out the other inhabited sections of the country.
It is in the plan, I have been told, to continue adding schools to the program; to train Physical Education teachers across the length and breadth of the country, so that they can best continue the process; and eventually have an inter-school golf schedule of sporting activities as with other mainstream disciplines such as basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and track and field (athletics).
Rolle has slated a comprehensive program, inclusive of an introductory session; golf review/practice; grip, backswing and finish positions; skills challenge; knowledge of the course, scoring and short game; and long game.
Presently, Rolle is working with students at T.G. Glover Primary, Yellow Elder Primary and Eva Hilton Primary. Working with Rolle as conductors of the program, are Marcus Pratt, Matthew Cox and Ahmal Henfield.
Rolle’s Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy has been engaged to work directly with the ministry’s program.
It looks to be a good sports/education marriage.

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