Saturday, Sep 22, 2018
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Medical marijuana accused given discharge


An American tourist who was arrested with medicinal marijuana was yesterday given an absolute discharge.

Andrea Scott, 56, of California, was caught with five grams of the drug at the airport on October 9.

Scott pleaded guilty to a single count of possession of a dangerous drug at her arraignment before Magistrate Samuel McKinney, although she objected to it being described as “dangerous”.

Scott said, “It’s not dangerous; it is medicinal marijuana from California. I have a certificate from my doctor, who prescribed it for menopause.”

After viewing the certificate, McKinney noted that the doctor did not prescribe marijuana for her menopause, but stated that Scott claimed that it helped to ease her symptoms.

He pointed out that since marijuana possession has not been decriminalized in all 50 states, she had the responsibility to determine if it was legal in certain quantities here.

Scott said that she had attended the Sand and Soul Festival over the weekend and planned to return to The Bahamas.

The magistrate admonished her not to bring any drugs or guns on her next trip.


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