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Mizpah Bosfield

Bethel Brothers Morticians | Funeral Service
Mizpah Bosfield

Funeral Service for the late Mizpah Bosfield age 88 years of #14 Parker Street and formerly of Clarence Town, Long Island will be held on Friday, 13th October, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at St Mary The Virgin Anglican Church, Virginia Street. Officiating will be Father Dwight Bowe assisted by other ministers of the clergy. Interment will follow in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Virginia Street

Predeceased by her son: Dwight Smith.

Her memories will linger in the hearts of her sons: Derek Taylor, Michael and Terrence Smith ; daughters- in- law: Alvena Taylor, Marie Smith and Paula Smith; grandchildren: Nicholas (Katherine), Kimberley, Dominick and Danielle Smith; aunt: Ermie Saunders; siblings: Neville Davis, Rev. Angela Bosfield- Palacious (Archdeacon James Palacious); nieces and nephews: Carlos (Anastarcia) Palacious; grandniece: Cairo Palacious; godchildren: Andy Gomez, Ingrid Tynes- Staurt, Cherly Huyler, Linda Hall, Denise Sands, Elsa Bowe and Arlene Rolle; cousins: Henry and Janet Adderley, Katherine and Charles Bethel, Clarinda Saunders, Patricia Gafford, Deborah Weech, Sherry, Helen, Erma and Harrington Saunders, Marvin Saunders of Maryland, Stephen Adderley, Charmaine Rollins, Susan Chee-A-Tow, Debra, Edward and Brian Bethel, Christine Smith, Rosalie Hanna, Rose, Andrew, Ambrose and Anthony Adderley, Patrick, Angela, Reginald, Janet, Augustine and David Turnquest, Elizabeth Rolle, Carmel Charles, Joyce Quant and Karen Lightbourne, Garth and Christine Nash, Sylbert and Arlene Nash-Ferguson, Corrine Barlette, Mellie Dillet, Percy Grant; other relatives and friends: Dr. Jonathan Rodgers and Family, Canon Curtis Robinson and Mrs. Myrtle Robinson and Family, Mr. Basil Sands and Family, Lady Jacqueline Fawkes and Family, Mr. Idris Reid and Family, The Swann Family, Mr. Chris Lunn and Family, Mr. Owen Bethel, Mrs. Patricia Smith-Carey, Mr. C. Levant Carey, Fr. Whitfield Hutchinson and Family, Family of The Late Paul Adderley, Mr. Kervin Carey, Mr. Omar Sharif Carey Ms. Alexine-Monique Carey, Mrs. Vanria Smith-Woodside, Mrs. Persis Smith-Bullard, Mrs. Audrey Foutain, Mr. Tyrone Peterson and Family, Mr. Stephen Brown and Family, Mrs. Pat Knowles and Family, Mr. Julian Lamm and family, Ms. Antoinette Smith, Mrs. Sophia Hunter and Family, Ms. Insolet Woodside, Mr. Quinton Woodside, Mr. Ronald Woodside, Mr. Alexander Woodside, Mr. Derek Woodside, Mr. Everette Bullard, Mr. Pedro Bullard, Mr. Ed Smith, Mr. David Smith, Mr.Tony Simmons, Ms. Donna Simmons, Mr. David Strachan, Mr. Christopher Smith, Mr. Keith Smith, Rev. Bernadette Moss, Mrs. Arlene Wilson, Mrs. Sharon Brennen, Mrs. Kim Moultrie, Mrs Elizabeth Smith, Mrs. Joy Thurston, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rolle and Family, Ms. Shirley Seifert and Family, Mr. Godfrey and Mavis Rolle and Family, Mrs. Ida Glinton and Family, Family of The Late Garnard Burnside, Mrs. Ethel Thompson and Family, Mrs. Erma McKenzie and Family, Mrs. Patricia Sands and Family, Mrs. Doris Powell and Family, Ms. Daisy Pinto, Rev. Kendal and Mrs. Rubie Nottage and Family, Family of The Late Dr. Bernard Nottage, Mr. Bradley Roberts and Family, Canon Warren and Mrs. Rolle and Family, Fr. Dwight and Nancy Bowe and Son, Fr. Peter and Mrs. Grist and Family, Mrs. Mary Marshall and Family, Mr. Walter Lockhart Jr. and Family, Ms. Dorothy Farrington, Ms. Joey Saunders, Mr. George Cox, Ms. Gigi Miller, The Pinder Family, The Parker Street Family, The Crawley Family of Meadow Street, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hanna and Family, Ms. Paula Williams and Family, Ms. Brenda Cartwright and Family, Mr. Peter Poiter and Family, Ms. Linda Farrington, Mrs. Donna Murphy and Family, Mrs. Meta Bethel and Family, Ms. Cynthia Davis and Family, Mrs. Albertha Ferguson, Ms. Lydia Adderley and Family, The Anglican Church Women (ACW) and Anglican Church Men (ACM) Families of St. Mary’s Church, Mrs. Maud Demeritte and Family, Mr. Theo Braynen, Mrs. Janet Taylor and Family, Mrs. Margaret Russell and Family, Mr. Leon Smith, Mr. Anthony Johnson, Mr. James Bostwick and Family, Mrs. Philabertha Carter and Family, Ms. Leonette Ferguson, Ms. Mae Coakley, Rev. C.B. Moss, Mrs. Mazie Simmons and Family, Ms. Mae Williams and Family, Ms. Betty Lloyd and Family, Ms. Hazel Seymour and Family, Ms. Freda Darrel and Family, Mrs. Ruthmae Bonimy and Family, Ms. Eunice Meadows and Family, Mrs. Beryl Huyler and family, Mr. Don and Gertude Symonette, Mrs. Ena Major and Family of Long Island, Ms. Ruth Minnis and Family of Long Island, Mr. Ancil Pratt and Family of Long Island, Ms. Sabrina Conliffe, Ms. Erica McIntosh, Mr. Tyrone and Mrs. Jacquelyn Sawyer and Family, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Gomez and Family, Mr. Stuart Culmer and Family, Brethren of Lodge St. David #1741, Members of Kiwanis Club of Nassau A.M., Mr. Herman Sawyer and Family, Mr. Antonio Knowles, Mr. Dwight and Mrs. Florestine Sawyer and Family, Dr. Herbert Orlander, Dr. Chrispin Gomez and Family, Dr. Antoine Clarke, Mr. Anthony Hepburn and Family, Mr. Charles Davies, Mr. Andy Ferguson and Family, Mr. Michael Wilson and Family, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Huyler, Mr. Etienne Taylor, Ms. Mary Mitchell, Mr. Courtney and Mrs. Mel Strachan and Family, Ms. Thelma Rolle, Ms. Patricia Rolle, Ms. Mona Culmer and Family, Mr. Keith Butler, Ms. Shanishka and Ms. Keishanda Butler, Ms. Josephine Simons, Mr. Nathaniel Adderley, Mr. Marco Rolle, Mr. Charles Farquharson, Mr. Jerome Gomez, Mr. Mike Fields, Mrs. Louis Bethel-Johnson and Family, Mr. Kendal Taylor, Mr. Henry Gibson, Mr. Evan Dean, Mr. Edward Rolle, Mr. Lambert Longley, Mr. Orson Sealy, Mr. William Clarke and Family, Mrs. Audrey Fountain and Family, Mrs. Sandra Orlander and Family, Mr. Cecil Dorsett and Family, Mr. Cyprus Gardiner, SAC Class of 1973, Comfort Suites, Paradise Island, Special Thanks to the ICU medical team at PMH and the staff at Bethel Brothers.

We sincerely apologise if your name was not mentioned as it was not intentional and we ask for your forgiveness and prayers as we go through this trying time.

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians #44 Nassau Street on Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and at the church on Friday from 9:00 a.m. until service time.

God will not leave his people to sink

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