Sunday, Oct 21, 2018
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Web shop operators need information center to thwart negative perceptions

Gaming operators are themselves the center of the problem of negative perceptions held by both local and international entities regarding the web shop industry, according to CEO of FML Group of Companies Craig Flowers.

Therefore, Flowers said, the establishment of a web shop information center would help to keep the public informed on web shops’ performances, as operators have done a “poor job” at making gaming statistics readily available.

Flowers suggested that the creation of the center would also help to alleviate criticisms about the gaming sector from international bodies.
“We need to start telling people. We need to say what our taxes were that we paid this month. We need to get this information out,” Flowers told Guardian Business yesterday.

“There is a lot to be told, and no one is telling the operators’ story.
“There is a huge perception that every time they hear something, it is in the negative light.”

Going forward, it is “prudent” for web shops to have an information center in order to articulate information published on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis, Flowers said.

He also pointed out that he does not think it is the government’s responsibility to get this information out to the public.

“If the web shop operators do not take it upon themselves with their public relations and things they are doing, these allegations and assumptions will overcome the minds of the majority of people in our societies, and then it will easily be [deduced] that we are not doing enough, doing wrong things and creating a closed-door policy,” said Flowers.

“You should have a site where you can go and see these things. Numbers should be produced by us and checked by the gaming board.

“You should not seek to search for this information. This should be readily available.

“We, ourselves, should have qualified persons in place to answer your questions.

“I think it was a poor job being done by the gaming house operators in terms of telling the tale.”


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