Sunday, Jun 7, 2020
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Everybody wants a tip

Dear Editor,

Do you know where you are? Of course you do. This is The Bahamas. Do you know how I know that we are in The Bahamas? Because everywhere that I go, and every service that is performed for me, everyone wants a tip.

It reminds me of a song sung by a popular Bahamian artist (Kirkland “KB” Bodie) which speaks of that part of our culture where everybody is expecting a tip, no matter what type of job they are doing. I have forgotten the name of the song, but, you know which one I am talking about.

In the song, KB makes light of this part of our culture. But, when confronted with a situation where a Bahamian has done some service for you, or he/she has done some sort of favor for you, and his/her hand is out, you are expected to tip that person, even though he/she might not have been doing anything extraordinary for you and just doing his/her job.

KB ridicules it, but is that really funny? You know what they say, “If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.” I think that old adage is appropriate here.

Furthermore, it is a commonly adopted philosophy that in order to remain in a healthy mental state, one must be willing to laugh at oneself. Wouldn’t you agree? I think that is good advice. And so, this tipping, and expecting to be tipped, gives each of us cause throughout our lifetimes (in The Bahamas) to have a good laugh so that we could avoid shedding tears. However, in the final analysis, we all know that it is a serious matter that is in desperate need of being addressed by this society’s elite.

– Marvin G. Lightbourn

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