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PLPs nominate

Delegates of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) will decide today whether Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador MP Philip Brave Davis or Englerston MP Glenys Hanna-Martin will lead the party.

Davis became interim leader five days after the general election, when former Prime Minister Perry Christie resigned as leader.

During nominations at the Melia Nassau Beach hotel yesterday, Davis, Hanna-Martin and activist Troy Garvey were nominated for leader.

Exumas and Ragged Island MP Chester Cooper and Ricardo Smith were nominated for deputy leader.

Delegates nominated Senator Fred Mitchell, former Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcombe and former Long Island candidate Glendon Rolle for chairman.

Mitchell was nominated by the chairman of the PLP’s Fox Hill branch and his nomination was seconded by former Minister of State for Legal Affairs Damian Gomez.

Gomez had said that he was considering running for chairman, but he later changed his mind.

Former Senator Alex Storr, who said on Sunday that he was still running for chairman, dropped out of the race.

Erecia Slavonnia, Thea Hepburn and Robyn Dawn Lynes were nominated for deputy chairman.

Paul Bevans was nominated unopposed for treasurer.

Twenty people were nominated for vice chairman, inducing former Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources V. Alfred Gray, former Killarney candidate Reneika Knowles, Ruby Saunders, Pamela Rodgers, Obie Roberts, Sharine Poitier, Oscar McPhee, Ramadan McKenzie, Lamar Oshane Matthews, Alphonso Major Jr., Leslie Lightbourne, Rudolph Tenor Knowles, Bradley Kemp, Peter Johnson, Lawrence Harrison, Danielle Gibson, Tevin Ferguson, Patricia Deveaux, Dianne Coakley and Terrence Bethel.

The party will vote for five people to fill the role of vice chair.

Lynwood Brown, Forrester Carroll, Kayla Smith Mortimer and Calverna Small were all nominated for the leadership council, unopposed.

Supporters were jubilant and fiery yesterday. Many wore T-shirts bearing the face of a smiling Davis or blue shirts adorned with Hanna-Martin’s face.

Davis’ supporters, many of whom were men, shouted “real leader” and “be Brave” outside the convention hall.

Chester Cooper, who was accompanied by his wife, Cecillia, greeted many supporters as well as a few former parliamentarians.

He told The Nassau Guardian that he’s ready to work.

“This is an exciting feeling,” Cooper said.

“It’s humbling for a boy from Forbes Hill, Little Exuma, to now have the opportunity to be deputy leader and deputy prime minister in waiting. This is truly an awesome feeling. I am grateful to the delegates and stalwarts for nominating me today.”

When asked if he has any aspirations for leading the party, Cooper smiled.

“If the people of The Bahamas call me and give me an opportunity to lead, I will accept that invitation,” he said.

“Right now, let’s take it a step at a time. I’m trying to become deputy leader.”

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