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PM: PLP will not change

As he addressed members of the Free National Movement (FNM) over the weekend, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis highlighted Monique Pindling’s scathing critique of the Progressive Liberal Party as a “weak, broken and arrogant” organization, and declared that the “PLP cannot and will not change, especially given their new leader”.

“The daughter of [the late former Prime Minister] Sir Lynden Pindling told the PLP what the FNM had been saying for years about the last PLP government,” said Minnis at an FNM Meritorious Council Members Celebratory Ball at Atlantis resort on Saturday night.

“Her indictment of the PLP is clear and compelling.

“Sadly, the PLP cannot and will not change, especially given their leader.

“We are a distinctly different party.

“Very early in the movement for majority rule, many of you saw the tendency toward gross corruption and the cult of personality.”

Minnis spent a great portion of his speech quoting Pindling’s speech at the PLP’s convention last Monday.

She said the party allowed the political ambitions of a few men to destroy the political ambitions of a whole people.

Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador MP Philip Brave Davis was elected leader of the PLP last week during a chaotic and tense convention.

He became the third leader of the party.

Voting, which took place on Wednesday, started three hours late due to claims of voter register irregularities.
Minnis said this is proof that the “PLP cannot change”.

“The PLP will not change,” he said.

“Look at the chaotic convention they had last week.

“If they can’t run a convention, they certainly can’t lead a country.

“We have 55 additional meritorious council members whom we revere for their service to our country and to our party.

“The PLP can’t even keep track of the number of stalwart councilors they have.

“The number may be around 2,500. They had to keep extending the voting last week because of the massive confusion in their party.

“What we saw in the PLP in the last five years was no different than how they act whenever they are in government.
“They rule for themselves. They believe they are the only ones who should have opportunity in our country.”


Minnis once again praised his party for winning the May 10 general election.

“It was one of the most resounding election victories in Bahamian history,” he said.

“I thank all of you who played a role in securing such a victory for the Bahamian people.”

Minnis said the PLP in 2017, like in 1992, almost bankrupted the country and almost brought it to the brink of disaster.

“It was a defeat for a party more interested in greed than public service, a party that put their own selfish interests ahead of the interests of the Bahamian people,” he said.

The prime minister said the FNM must once again “rescue an economy that was on the brink of collapse”.

He said the government has a “comprehensive vision for the country” that includes economic development, bolstering national security, advancing democracy, advancing social development, promoting culture, protecting the environment and promoting Bahamian interests internationally.

However, the prime minister did not offer details on the initiatives.

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