Friday, May 29, 2020
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Expunge records of youthful offenders

Dear Editor,

It is imperative that we find and enforce a consistent process by which to expunge or seal certain categories of crimes committed by young people to assist in the social liberation.

Juvenile crimes – stealing, fighting, truancy and experimenting with marijuana – should all be expunged from the records of our younger generation.

Especially in the case of marijuana, we should apply the law against its use but simultaneously we should remove all crime records of those who by their present lifestyles clearly show personal transformation and redemption; simply stated, young men and women over 30 years and “going straight” but still carrying the penalty for a “roach” or “joint” of marijuana when they were in their teens.

I am not for the decimalization of marijuana. I am in support that we expunge the records of those found guilty with experimenting with marijuana and other types of crime that impedes their moving forward socially.

Too many young Bahamian youths are saddled with records of childish acts done while they were young. A young man now has a college degree and is starting a family, but he cannot get a job or go to Miami because of the penalty for some youthful crime still hanging over his head.

– Bishop Simeon B. Hall

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