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Hanna-Martin says she feels inspired despite loss

Englerston MP Glenys Hanna-Martin said yesterday her recent defeat in the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) leadership race has not left her disappointed, but inspired.

On Wednesday, Philip Brave Davis won the leadership by over 700 votes.

Hanna-Martin conceded the race before Davis delivered an acceptance speech.

“First of all, you have to accept the result, which is what I did,” she said yesterday.

“Secondly, I think it is very important that the party engages in an analysis of the electoral process.

“I think that based on what we saw, it is a very compelling mandate at this time, and secondly, there was some logistical challenges that I think also require analysis.”

Voting was delayed by three hours because of alleged irregularities with the list of registered voters. Voting ended shortly after 8 p.m., a full seven hours later than it was initially scheduled to.

The delayed process and two power outages at Melia Nassau Beach resort resulted in the planned program for the final night of the convention being axed.

Hanna-Martin also voiced frustration with the process after she was prevented from addressing delegates ahead of the elections. Davis addressed them at a prayer breakfast last week Sunday.

Hanna-Martin hopes to be a part of reforms in the party.

“…I intend to be an advocate, particularly to seek reform in some of the practices that the party currently allows,” she said.

“I think that in 2017, we need to go back and look at some of those practices because I don’t believe they are acceptable in today’s reality and in our pursuit of deepening democracy.”

She said, “I can never say that I’m disappointed, but the only thing I can say is that as long as I hold the passion for the PLP as I do now, I will continue to advocate for all that is necessary to cause for this party to reach the heights it should reach.”

This is the first time in 20 years PLPs have voted in a new leader.

Davis received 1,004 votes to Hanna-Martin’s 300.

Hanna-Martin said while her gender may have played some part in her loss, she does not think it is much of an issue.
“While I think it did play some role, I’m not sure if it was a mainstream thing,” she said.

“I think it was used as a rationale in some instances, but I’m trusting that at the end of the day, the delegates moved beyond that.”

She said, “I think that my gender is a red herring because it’s not relevant to the facts on the ground.

“The facts on the ground showed I was the only member of Parliament who was able to hold their seat in Nassau, male or female.”

Her margin of victory was cut considerably compared to the 2012 election, however.

In 2012, Hanna-Martin won over the FNM’s Caron Shepherd by 1,386 votes (Hanna-Martin secured 62 percent of the total votes).

In 2017, Hanna-Martin won over the FNM’s Raymond Rolle by 142 votes (she got 49 percent of the total votes).

Davis and Hanna-Martin were the only two Christie Cabinet ministers who held onto their seats in the May 10, 2017 election.

Davis’ margin of victory rose.

In 2012, he beat the FNM’s Michael Pintard by 85 votes (Davis got 53 percent of the total votes).

In 2017, Davis beat the FNM’s Gadville McDonald by 303 votes (Davis got 60 percent of the total votes).

When she spoke to The Nassau Guardian yesterday, Hanna-Martin said, “I was able to achieve some groundbreaking issues for Bahamian people.

“I think that The Bahamas is ready (for a female leader) and I think it will happen. It’s just a matter of time. I just feel that it will happen.”

Hanna-Martin added: “I think the way forward now is to see how we can address all of the concerns that came out of the convention in a way that helps us to move forward as an organization.

“I’ll be at the forefront of that to ensure that some of the concerns we had at the time, including who speaks and who doesn’t speak, that those concerns are addressed and redressed because we want to make sure the party upholds the highest principles of democracy.

“I don’t so much want to rehash as I want to just stipulate or say that…my role in the way forward is to ensure that we have reform in these processes.”

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