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PLP leader’s son charged with gun possession

Philip Brave Davis.

Philmore Davis, the 33-year-old son of Progressive Liberal Party Leader Philip Brave Davis, was yesterday charged with possession of an illegal firearm, along with three other men.

Philmore, Don Davis, Matthew Davis and Lavant Gibson were all arraigned before Magistrate Carolyn Vogt-Evans after allegedly being found in a car with a .380 pistol Friday morning.

They pleaded not guilty and were ordered remanded as the magistrate does not have discretion to grant bail on the charge.

However, the men were later granted $3,000 bail with one or two sureties by Supreme Court Justice Stephen Isaacs.
Davis released a statement on the matter yesterday, acknowledging his son had been charged and vowing to stand by him.

“This is a very unfortunate event and is obviously causing my family considerable embarrassment and distress,” Davis said.

“I have confidence in the professionalism of the officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force and our judicial system.
“As with any other citizen of the Bahamas, I would not expect my son to receive any special favor nor to be treated unfairly due to his relation to me.

“I love my son and he has been admonished to distinguish between right and wrong, and I am satisfied that he knows the distinction.

“At the end of the day, the chips will fall where they may. No one is above the law.

“As a father, I will stand by and support my son and family during this ordeal.”


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