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Interior design firm’s sales double, despite local sourcing challenges

With 15 years of experience in designing interiors, Roomers Limited is leading the way in quality, luxury and exquisite design services for residential and commercial properties in The Bahamas.
In an interview with Guardian Business, Roomers designers and partners Leslie Callender-Frye and Hazel Stirling said the company’s services range from full renovations to providing turnkey packages for its clients.

“We strive to design interiors which represent our clients’ lifestyles and unique personalities. It is our goal that when a client walks into their space, they feel an extension of themselves,” Callender-Frye and Stirling noted in a statement.

Roomers has experienced an influx of clientele from Latin America and Europe in the last three to five years. Frye and Stirling contended that clientele from these regions “still find The Bahamas an attractive place to live”.

But an increased clientele is not the only thing that Roomers has experienced in this time frame. The company has also seen an increase in commercial projects in the past five years, “indicating growth in the financial sector”.

Callender- Frye and Stirling noted that while sales are predominantly residential, Roomers has taken on a lot more commercial projects recently.

Another achievement for the company is that sales have doubled in the past three years, leading to a spike in employment to help meet demand.

Roomers currently has seven full-time employees and around 30 subcontractors.

But while Roomers is able to remain competitive and expand its business, Callender-Frye and Stirling shared a few challenges that relate to the ease of doing business in The Bahamas.

“In our industry, in particular, we find it challenging to source everything here. We engage many local artisans and craftsmen, however there are not enough resources to satisfy the demands of the projects, which forces us to purchase goods abroad. The logistics of bringing items on island is what we find challenging,” the partners said.

Nevertheless, the company continues to diversify its designs to remain trendy and unique in its product offerings.

“We keep abreast with the latest worldwide trends and travel often to trade shows to ensure that we stay ahead of the game. We strive to make the process of designing and decorating spaces for our clients as seamless as possible so that the process is fun and enjoyable for them,” Callender-Frye and Stirling stressed.

Roomers also seeks the best of the best to join its team. Callender-Frye and Stirling said that potential candidates have to be “enthusiastic and have exposure to the wider world of design”.

“We encourage their individuality, however they have to be able to work as a team,” they said.

“Teamwork is the reason why Roomers has been so successful, as we realize that it is a collective effort that creates a beautiful space,” they added.

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