Monday, May 25, 2020


FUNERAL SERVICE for MS. CLAUDETTE JUANITA RUSSELL age 67 years of #40 Nassau East Blvd, who died on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 will be held on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017, at 10:30 a.m. at The Church of the Most Holy Trinity; Trinity Way, Stapleton Gardens. Officiating will be The Venerable Mark Lindsay- Fox assisted by The Reverend Fr. Roderick Bain, The Reverend Fr. John Kabiga and Other Clergy Members. Interment will be made in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.

Left to cherish her memories are her Special Friend: Gregory Armbrister
Children: M. Cecil Jr and Ingrid, Charisse M. J. Russell, and Kwame N. Russell
Brothers: William Bethel, Larry Pinder, Brandon Bethel, Keith Smith and Mark Adderley
Sisters: Deborah Bethel, Karen Marsh, Levert McFall, Donna Smith, Ingrid Smith and Brigette Bethel
Grandsons: Wayne and Wynton Moore, Aiden Munroe, Dylan, Kobe, Teshawn, Keynai and Nathan Russell
Granddaughters: Rashaldra, Tremaine and Travante Russell
Great-Grandson: Sean Cargill
Godchildren: Kareem Hanna and Justin Sapp
Extended Sons and Daughters: Dominick Dean, Sherlock Lockhart, Christoff Taylor, Donovan Davis Jr., Clifford Cooper, Paul Rolle Jr., Capt. Charles Curry Sr., Kenneth Bethel, Hon Romauld Ferreira, Vaughn Miller, Don Knowles, Alpedieo Williams, Andrew Culmer, Omar West, Anthony Campbell, Alexis and Clifford Seymour, Spence Dorsett, Tamar Charlton Culmer, Laron Miller, Brad McPhee, Juan Rogers, Tyrone Thompson, Brandon Ingraham Sr., Julian Demeritte, Kinsley Wilkinson and family, Olive Sterling-Johnson, Nykki Sawyer-Jupp, Dr. Indira-Damallie Jones, Nadia Ferguson, Shan and Cindy Duvalier
Brothers: William Bethel, Larry Pinder Sr., Keith Smith, Brandon Bethel and Mark Adderley
Sisters: Deborah Bethel, Karen Marsh, Terry Antonio, Donna Smith, Ingrid Smith, Bridgette Bethel and Lavette McFall
Sisters-in-law: Zenephia Pinder, Jewel Bethel, Deyane Russell, Marva Russell-Minns and
Antionette Smith
Brothers-in-law: Raymond Antonio, Patrick McFall and Sheldon Bethel
Aunt: Gwen Newbold
Nephews and Nieces: Nikita Thompson, Raphael Bradshaw and Ciji Major, Jethro Allessandro and Rhonda Marsh, Keith Jr., Kevardo, Keithtoro Smith, Michael Saunders Jr., Larry Pinder Jr., Theo Saunders, Jyles Smith, Daana Major, Anjia and Sterling Biddings, Megan Smith, Tiffanie Goodman, Sharnique Dillett, Thea Antonio, Chameeka, Chauntae, Tanaya Moss, Atishka Pinder-Robinson, Keithra Smith-Brown, Shandy Bethel,Anika and Andray Gibson, Shandy Campbell, Shelnika and Shavonte Bethel, Avincia Pinder, Tyesha Smith, Ashlee and Niketa Bethel;
Cousins: Autry Newbold and family, Erskine Nathaniel and Fr John Teddy Johnson, “Bobby” Gilbert, Kervin, Robert, Kirk, Freddy Simmons, Paulette Floyd, Raquel Simmons, Denise Johnson and Rita Pratt and family, Ingrid Darling
Other Relatives and Friends: Bruce and Una Delancey, Ruthmae and Kenneth Sweeting, Crystal Strachan, Arnold and Mary McCartney, Marvin and Zelia Bethel, Pauline Hinds, Tasso and Molly Sapp, Charles and Venus Bonimy, Sidney and Veronica Campbell, Cyril and Deborah Johnson, Bev Marshall, Sherry, Lillian Bastian-Brown, Paula Cartwright, Jennifer Duncombe, Tracey Knowles, Lambert Longley, Davene Bowe, Shaneska Kemp, Della Kelly, Marilyn Kemp, Lisa Butler, Maxine Greene, “Mike”, Judith Lightbourne (KPMG family), Yvonne Benjamin, Ms. Tianya Douglas, Sir. Peggy Knowles, Stephanie Saunders, Deidre Strachan, Sandra Carey, Pastor Timothy and Sharon Stewart, “Singie”,and Mrs. Adderley, Gregory Williams, Alice Seymour and family, Senator Jobeth Davis, Daisy Russell, Shannon Thompson, Delores Farrington, Maris Miller, The Jones family of Residence Inn, Stephanie Bodie and family, Sherwin Stuart and family, Sheila Beneby and family, John Archer and family, Bulla, Sandra Archer and family, Stacy Miller and family, Sheila Capron and family, Peggy Campbell and family, Lanere Pinder and family, Franklyn Ferguson, Val Miller, Pauline King, Edwina Usher and family, Jennifer Marshall and family, Sandra Stuart, Daphne Gibson, Leona Smith and family, Erika Kennerley, Hartman Longley and family,John Burrows and family, Ural Pratt and family, Claudette Carey and family, Leathe Francis, Ramona Culmer and family, Devine Francis, Welly Rolle, Janice Farquharson, Dr. Leslie Culmer and family, Synida Dorsett, Debra Munro, Jeannie Lotmore and family, Danielle Blackshear and family, Melanie Griffin, Hon. Dionisio D’aguillar, Mr.Robert Maynard (Customs), Holy Trinity Senior Choir, Holy Trinity Church and Rectory, Senior Nassau East families, Divas Birthday Club, Bethel Baptist Women’s Fellowship, The Gaming Board staff, The ATC staff, Confidence Insurance staff, Ruth Chapter #7 Lodge.

A special thanks to Caregiver Ms. Burrows, Nurse Adderley, Nurse Stephanie Lockhart, Dr. Paul Fox, Nurse Seymour of Elizabeth Estates Clinic, Nurses and Doctors at Doctors and PMH Hospitals.

To persons that were not mentioned or whom we have forgotten we do humbly apologize and you are no less as important to us. We thank you all for your prayers and support

Viewing will be held at Clarke’s Funeral Home & Crematorium on East West Highway on Friday, December 1st from 11:00am to 6:00pm and on Saturday from 9:30am at the church until service time.

Monique Elizabeth Mu