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Are you contented?

I’m quite sure that we’ve all heard someone at some time or another say to someone else “I’m really content with my life,” which conveys to one and all that everything that is happening in that person’s life is wonderful as they are truly contented with all that is taking place in their life and affairs. Well my friend, let me now ask you the question posed by the title of today’s article, are you contented? Well are you?

Now please be totally honest when you answer that most important question. If the answer is in the negative for you as you really can’t honestly say that you are contented with your overall life, well then, you need to examine your life in great detail, to ascertain which parts of it personal, professional, social, financial, or spiritual are causing you not to be completely contented with your overall life. Once you zero in on what is causing you not to be contented, well then, you can start to put plans in place to rectify the situation.

You see, from my perspective, we all need to have balance in our life in order to be really contented. In other words, we could be very successful with and really enjoying our work, yet when we leave work in the evening, we actually dread going home as our personal relationship with our spouse or significant other, is in a complete shambles as we appear to be constantly arguing. We’re not getting along as we used to.

Yes my friend, it is my contention that in order to be really contented with our overall life, we need to have a totally balanced life — that is, a life in which all of the various facets appear to be going real well which gives us a contented feeling as we reflect on it. Now if you’re not contented because some part of your life is not going well, you need to rectify the situation forthwith — today. Now!

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