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A journey through China’s regional cuisine

Shuang Ba at Baha Mar diners should prepare to be surprised by the presentation, amazed by the taste, and remember the experience

88 dishes!
88 seats!

With the official opening on Friday, December 8, Shuang Ba — Baha Mar’s fine Chinese cuisine restaurant is “covered” — as Shuang Ba translated means double eights which represents double fortune and double prosperity in the Chinese culture.

Diners should prepare for a rollercoaster experience at the new ultra dining experience at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, which promises to be an international experience within an international experience.

Modern Chinese is served up in this visually stunning space that is anchored by a hand-sculpted Chinese pillar, and is enveloped in hand-stitched tapestry.

“The dragon pillar in the middle of the room is our foundation,” said Hai Lin, Shuang Ba’s general manager. “It symbolizes power, strength, integrity, and respect to everyone from around the world.”

In ancient China, Hai said when dining in such an environment, diners are treated like the emperors and empress of ancient China, and that guests at Shuang Ba will be treated as such as they indulge in a journey of China’s regional cuisine.

“The styles of cooking and flavors is a journey; think of it as a rollercoaster ride with the twists and turns,” said Hai.

Among Shuang Ba’s signature dishes is the Peking duck, a dish from Beijing that has been prepared since the imperial era, and is characterized by its thin, crisp skin.

At Shuang Ba it is made in the traditional way, by a Peking duck master who has come to the Baha Mar Shuang Ba restaurant from the Grand Hyatt Beijing where he worked in what Hai says they call the duck business for the past 16 years. The Peking duck master was born and raised in Beijing where Peking duck is a big part of the culture.

The restaurant also offers chefs from all over China, including the Sichuan Province which is known for its famous peppercorns, chili sauce, and chili oil; and from the Canton region, Cantonese chefs will be making amazing dim sums and combining the traditional style of cooking with contemporary.

A “cherry” foie gras mousse is another signature offering that guests can be expect to blown away by both visually and by taste.

At Shuang Ba they want diners to be surprised by the presentation, amazed by the taste, and to remember the experience they have.

Chef Nick, the chef de cuisine, started with the very first Hyatt to open in mainland China in 1986. Shuang Ba is the fourth Chinese-themed restaurant that he has opened for Hyatt.

He has also travelled around the world from China to Japan, and also was part of the beginning process of the Mr. Chow’s (a series of upscale Chinese restaurants founded by restaurateur Michael Chow) brand in New York and Los Angeles, Miami and Vegas, before his return back home to the Hyatt family.


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