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$1.6 million in marijuana seized

Two Bahamians and a Jamaican are expected to be charged next week in connection with Thursday’s $1.6 million marijuana seizure, authorities said.

The drugs, which weighed 1,606 pounds, were discovered in Andros.

A joint operation by police officers and defence force marines led the team to Mangrove Cay after receiving intelligence about a 33-foot vessel in the area.

On board, approximately 55 crocus sacks and black duffle bags were discovered, Officer-in-Charge of the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) Superintendent Jamuel Ferguson said.

Each sack contained varying quantities of suspected marijuana, police reported.

The drugs were transported to New Providence.

In recent weeks, authorities have made multiple drug busts in Andros.

Between December 6 and 7 alone, police reported that nearly 10,300 marijuana plants were discovered.

The seizures were made following the discovery of two large marijuana field in the area of Owens Town, North Andros.

Police said Drug Enforcement Unit officers along with U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency agents were on patrol when they discovered a field and uprooted an estimated 8,000 marijuana plants on December 6.

Police returned to the area the following day around noon and discovered a second field, where they uprooted an estimated 2,300 marijuana plants, according to police.

At the time, police said no arrests were made in connection with these seizures.

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