Saturday, Oct 20, 2018
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Bascom to address state of educational system at next week’s BBO

Lawrence Bascom.

The Bahamas’ educational system is producing Bahamians who do not have the skills to support themselves financially, Chairman of the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas Lawrence Bascom said yesterday.

Bascom, who is also a private equity investor and education philanthropist, will lead the “Vision” presentation at the Bahamas Business Outlook (BBO) on Thursday, January 18, where he is expected to address how The Bahamas deals with the “symptom”, as he calls it, of a broken educational system creating “low-skilled” Bahamians.

Bascom, who was speaking at a press conference to announce the BBO, said education is at the root of creating human capital that can be described as world class.

He is concerned that joblessness, crime and violence will only continue to grow if this part of Bahamian society is not corrected.

His speech at the BBO, he said, will focus on what he has learned about what works in other countries and how The Bahamas can use his experiences to create an education system that will help to “create a world-class Bahamas”.

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is set to headline the 2018 Bahamas Business Outlook, which celebrates its 27th year. Other speakers include Chairman of The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation Mike Maura; Director General of the Ministry of Tourism Joy Jibrilu; and Managing Partner of Graham Thompson Attorneys Judith Whitehead.

The “Vision” presentation is always an important moment at the BBO, and Bascom said, of the plethora of challenges in the country today, education tops his list of critical matters that have to be addressed now. He added that children have to be given the best education in order to create a productive workforce and curb


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