Thursday, Oct 18, 2018
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Private sector preparing itself to tackle the effects of climate change

The private sector is preparing itself to tackle the effects of climate change on The Bahamas – both physical and economical – Director of Operations at Caribbean Coastal Services Carlos Palacious said yesterday, explaining that the government is moving forward with a strategic plan through consultation with the private sector.

Palacious, who was speaking at a press conference to launch the 2018 Bahamas Business Outlook (BBO), explained that climate change and the measures to thwart its effects are being taken very seriously by The Bahamas government and by international bodies like the Inter-American Development Bank, which has provided locally money for studies on the subject.

“There is a lot of interest and a lot of attention that this area has received,” said Palacious.

“We’ve known about climate change for 30-something years and we’ve known about sea level rise. It’s been at our back door and it will be coming in our front door very soon.”

Palacious said from his seat as part of the team that government has turned to for consultation, strategic attention is being put into planning and he explained that “we all have a part to play in the process”.

CEO of Sustainable Energy Limited Zev Crystal, who was also speaking at the BBO launch, said his company has been in contact with government with regard to how the Family Islands can be outfitted with renewable energy systems that can withstand the force of a strong hurricane.

According to Crystal, his company wants to make the Family Islands self-sufficient, by working with engineers like Palacious to design systems that are right for The Bahamas.

“We are preparing our business and developing a structure so that when it happens, we are in a position to develop a plan to look after the Family Islands,” Crystal said. “It has to be coordinated with engineers for these things to have a long-term effect.”


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