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Zarah Rigby, Zara Wilson making a difference in fight against childhood cancer

In an effort to join the battle against childhood cancer, Zarah Rigby and Zara Wilson, two sixth grade students at Summit Academy, have been hosting lemonade stands from the time they were both first graders. Both hold positions of leadership within the school. Zara Wilson is the deputy head girl, while Zarah Rigby is a senior prefect. Additionally, they are involved in a number of extracurricular activities, ranging from art to dance to music.

Zara and Zarah, who have been students at Summit Academy since they were two years old, have always had a genuine desire to help those in need. Inspired by their respective parents, the school, and the Bahamas Girl Guides Association, they are committed to making a positive, impactful difference in the world. In 2012, while in 1st grade, the two girls approached the Principal Gillian Wilson about hosting an event that would help others in need. Although their initial idea was to hold a bicycle wash, they eventually decided that a lemonade stand would be a more practical and profitable project.

Inspired by the story of Alexandra “Alex” Scott, the girls decided that all funds raised would be donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation in an effort to fight childhood cancer. Encouraged by the overwhelming success of the first lemonade stand in 2012, two to three lemonade stands have been held every year within the Summit Academy community. Zara and Zarah were joined and supported by their younger respective siblings, Ziah Rigby and Hayley Wilson, as well as fellow Guides. Over the years, the girls have also partnered with two local lemonade companies that have provided gallons of lemonade at a reduced cost.

Thanks to the efforts of the Zara, Zarah and their supporters, over $2300.00 has been raised to date for childhood cancer research. To put this in context, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation states that one day of research costs $400.00. Thus, Zara and Zarah and their team have been able to sponsor over five full days of childhood cancer research. Every bit helps!

In addition to donating money to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, the girls have also donated money to the Bahamas Cancer Society, earmarked towards meeting the costs of a portacath, a device needed to offer chemotherapy to a woman undergoing cancer treatment. Summit Academy is so very proud of the vision, initiative, compassion and caring that Zarah Rigby and Zara Wilson are continuing to demonstrate in their fund-raising efforts and in their commitment to important causes affecting our community.

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