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Engage your employees: Five reasons why every company needs a dream manager

“Increasing employee engagement, creating a healthier culture and building a world-class organization that sees exceptional growth every year is what all leaders in any industry want for their organization. If that is the goal for most leaders, then why do so few organizations succeed at the above three?” – Matt Mayberry, Entrepreneur magazine


A little backstory: I have been a customer of Infusionsoft for several years and in 2015 while in Arizona I had the awesome opportunity to tour their headquarters. Infusionsoft is a complete sales and marketing automation software for small businesses. I was completely blown away by their positive and healthy culture, employees and everyone’s eagerness to build the company to even greater success. It was when I got introduced to the dream manager concept.

Outside of all of the fascinating things (the giant football field for their meeting area, the metrics on the walls, the open office Google-style concept), what I was most drawn to was their employee dream room. In the room, there is a huge chalkboard wall that has the dreams of some of the employees. You see one line after the other with exciting dreams posted. Employees were encouraged to write their dream down and share it publicly.

It was heart-warming to see not only the things that were written on the walls by the employees, but the fact that a company would care so much for its employees to even do something like this for them. In my years in the corporate training market, I have yet to see a company in The Bahamas come close to what I witnessed on the Arizona day. It got me thinking.

In 2016 I returned to Arizona for Infusionsoft’s annual user conference and got the opportunity to meet the company’s dream manager, Dan Ralphs, now founder of Dream School. We stayed in touch ever since.

Consider these statistics: The issue of employee disengagement is so widespread that 87 percent of CEOs and HRDs cite improving employee engagement as their number one human capital priority.

Roughly 4.3 million employees will choose to leave their jobs for new employers this year.

Twelve million is the cost per annum for an organization with 4000 employees that has a 10 percent turnover rate. This excludes indirect costs due to brain drain and reduced customer satisfaction levels.

Thirty thousand is the average total cost of recruiting a replacement employee.

An average of nine weeks to recruit a new employee to replace a departing colleague’

It takes 28 weeks on average for a new employee to get to optimum productivity.

While these are United States and United Kingdom based information, in my 15 years in the corporate training industry I see this play out first hand. In a recent survey that I conducted with my own list of clients, 43.9 percent of them expressed employee engagement of their number one challenge.

In looking at solutions to serve these clients and help them further tackle this challenge, I looked deeper into the dream manager program. Based on the best-selling book “The Dream Manager” by Matthew Kelly, it is an employee development and engagement program that has now been adopted by companies of all sizes around the globe. It would be a great thing to see Bahamian companies embrace this initiative.

Here are five reasons why every company should have a dream manager.

  1. Improved teamwork. When we know the dreams of the people around us our natural response is to want to help them live those dreams. It starts conversations and connects colleagues to one another. This experience creates a powerful team dynamic and it creates a deeper manager ­employee dynamic. Look for ways to connect colleagues to one another. Many times, a program with this focus can connect colleagues who normally do not work together or who previously thought they didn’t have much in common.
  2. Improved business performance. When people become more engaged in their lives they become more engaged in their work. This fact positively influences customer service, individual performance objectives, sales, creativity, and teamwork. Human performance is the foundation for any business success. Treating employees as humans with unique dreams, goals, and interests is the simplest, most genuine, and most effective way to support employees as human beings.
  3. Identification of future leaders/managers. Through the progression of this kind of program, participants have the opportunity to exhibit personal growth and achieve greater degrees of personal and professional success. You will likely observe participants who blossom and fully embrace this self­-development experience and emerge as stronger individuals and leaders.
  4. Greater connection between managers and employees. Through the rollout of a dream manager program within your company, managers can receive incredible insights into what drives employees and members of their teams. Simple opportunities for managers to engage with their employees and encourage them are present with the experience. These small efforts on the part of the manager can have a profound impact on the team culture and dynamic.
  5. Reduction of turnover. Implementing a strong program like dream manager showcases a powerful commitment by an organization to develop and support employees. This experience engages employees and makes a stronger and more long-lasting impact in comparison to other “perks” or token monetary raises. It provides a meaningful point of differentiation between companies who do implement such a program and companies who do not implement such a program.

“The dream manager concept provides a revolutionary way of reversing this crippling trend toward disengagement and demonstrates how organizations large and small can actively engage their people once again, thus creating a competitive advantage of monumental proportions,” Mathew Kelly, author of “The Dream Manager” says.

If you are interested in digging deeper, learning more about what the dream manager is and how it works, I am excited to share that I will host an introductory seminar with Infusionsoft’s first Dream Manager Dan Ralph this quarter. For more information on the seminar and to be on the early notification list, email me at


  • Bahamian Icon winner and a Nassau Guardian “Top 40 under 40”, Keshelle Davis helps companies improve their productivity and performance. She is the CEO of The Training Authority and an internationally recognized speaker and author. Formerly she served as executive director of the Chamber Institute – the education arm of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC), and has impacted thousands through her mission is to educate, empower and inspire. Contact Keshelle at



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