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Implementation of IDB’s Sustainable Nassau Action Plan could cost $450 mil.

To create a capital of the future for The Bahamas in accordance with the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) Sustainable Nassau Action Plan could mean an investment of $450 million.

According to the action plan, a sustainable Nassau could mean investment in 10 key areas: Greening New Providence, renewing and conserving energy, implementing a zero waste plan, creating a healthy city, connecting Nassau digitally, urban regeneration, smart city monitoring, urban planning for sustainability, local government and an empowered people.

Each of those key areas comes with its own costs for implementation and adds up to the $450 million that would create a more beautified, connected, planned and citizen-friendly city, according to the action plan.

“This action plan represents the culmination of an intense research and assessment process carried out in collaboration between the government of The Bahamas and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and in parallel with the development of Vision 2040: National Development Plan of The Bahamas,” the plan’s executive summary outlined.

“Through the IDB’s application of the Emerging and Sustainable Cities (ESC) methodology, these efforts are consolidated in this action plan for achieving a more sustainable urban life in Nassau and New Providence Island.

“The purpose of disseminating this action plan is twofold: to serve as a guide and road map for decision-makers to take future actions for urban revitalization, which will lead to a clean, green, equitable and smart city; and to promote full transparency along the path towards improved urban sustainability and management while fostering greater public support and participation in the process.”

The IDB plan noted that the “way ahead is not an easy one for Nassau”. Yesterday, through an ideathon at the University of The Bahamas with support from the IDB, high school students got a crack at attempting to solve some of the issues that could arise in implementing the plan for a sustainable Nassau.

“The prospect for positive change is great, yet the urban sustainability challenges remain and will require commitment from the government and citizens to be surmounted,” the plan’s executive summary states.

“This action plan serves as a guide through the obstacles ahead, and shows how Nassau can grow and flourish in a more sustainable and inclusive way. The IDB is confident that, with strong public and private support and collaboration, and a shared vision, Nassau and New Providence Island can be transformed and become a model for urban sustainability in the Caribbean.”

“The Sustainable Nassau Action Plan speaks to the need for sustainable urban growth in Nassau. The rate of sprawling urbanization in emerging cities in the Caribbean has increased, and if not planned properly, can lead to uncontrolled, chaotic and unsustainable growth patterns amid fragile coastal and marine ecosystems. There are changing population needs in Nassau and a need for corrective action to remedy the negative effects of unplanned urbanization. The Sustainable Nassau Action Plan, a result of the ESC methodology implemented in Nassau, is informed by extensive studies, research and public consultation.”




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