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Empathy is sadly missing

Unfortunately the sentiments expressed in the title of this particular article are indeed correct — empathy is sadly missing from the consciousness of a whole lot of people. Yes it is. Empathy is a very important spiritual quality that everyone should possess. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of someone else figuratively speaking, and walk in that person’s shoes in order to be able to actually feel what they’re going through just as if you yourself were going through the same set of circumstances.

I don’t know how empathic the people are in the area of the world in which you reside; however, in the country in which I live it is indeed sadly lacking. Now of course I do not want to put everyone into the same category here today, as there are indeed many individuals and organizations who do excellent work in assisting those in need and who are thus very empathic and indeed sensitive to the needs of others, those who are less fortunate than they are.

However, the average person whom I have dealt with on many occasions when I needed some assistance, some encouragement when going through a difficult period in my life were totally lacking in the empathy department, thus they were incapable, it would appear of putting themselves in my shoes, and thus feeling what I was feeling.

Yes my friend, it is very important for you to develop the quality of empathy and thus be fully capable of, as we say, walking a mile in the Indian’s moccasins, and thus really feeling what they are feeling. When we have developed this most important quality of empathy, we will be much better equipped to assist those who need help.


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