Monday, Nov 12, 2018
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An open letter to the prime minister

Dr. Hubert Minnis. FILE

Dear Editor,

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, please don’t be distracted or enticed by petty politics or political egos and posturing by the FNM and PLP. We’ve had enough of that in the past.

I am writing you as someone who was very optimistic about the future of the country after the last election and genuinely believed that you, sir, were truly about doing politics differently in this country after decades of corruption, mediocrity and failure.

The speaker of the House of Assembly should epitomize integrity, maturity, fairness and a great deal of emotional intelligence. It is easily the most powerful and demanding position in the House.

It is not for everyone or anyone.

It has become blatantly clear that your initial choice was a mistake.

This is nothing against the current speaker personally – this has everything to do with the position.

Please do not be like every other leader we’ve had, who put political expedience ahead of national integrity.

We have to believe that you, sir, are different. Step up and replace the current speaker forthwith.

He has shown his true colors and simply cannot continue. The House has been and will continue to be compromised if swift, concise action isn’t taken. And an apology will serve no purpose.

Don’t be distracted by the PLP. They matter little.

This is about you as leader of the country. You can be different and do what you know is right and best, or you can simply be like all the others that have come before you – a slave to the broken dysfunctional political system that has stagnated our country for decades.

Do the right thing, Mr. Prime Minister.


– Farrell Goff


Statement by Sharon, Lady Wilson

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