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Anti-doping measures brought to the forefront

With international competitions looming on the horizon, such as CARIFTA, the Bahamas Lucayan Cup (beach soccer), CARIFTA swimming and others, local federations are being asked to be mindful of the pitfalls as well as the rules as they relate to doping tests associated with international competitions. They are being asked to remind their members of the same.

Most, if not all, of the local federations have signed onto the Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission’s (BADC) protocols, which subscribe and follow WADA, the World Anti-Doping Association.

This topic was a part of the discussions held this week by the technical director of the Bahamas Football Association (BFA), Garry Markham, as he addressed parents of players enrolled in the BFA’s Center for Football Development training programs for players hoping to be selected later on this year for soccer qualifying competitions.

Markham said: “The topic is an important one and very timely. Parents were very interested and asked questions which showed their level of concern. We also invited them to go to the websites of WADA and BADC for more information as it relates to drugs, testings and how their children could be impacted.”

Markham added that this is a topic that every local federation should be discussing.


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