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Virgill-Rolle: Sustainable Nassau Action Plan will help businesses grow more sustainably

Dr. Nicola Virgil-Rolle.

Director of Economic Development and Planning in the Office of the Prime Minister Dr. Nicola Virgill-Rolle said the Sustainable Nassau Action Plan provides opportunities for businesses to “grow more sustainably” in The Bahamas.

To create a capital of the future in accordance with the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) Sustainable Nassau Action Plan could mean an investment of $450 million.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Virgill-Rolle said, “The work on the Sustainable Nassau Action Plan really is giving the opportunity for the business sector and residents and the country to grow more sustainably. It’s looking at how we grow as an urban center.”

She noted that zoning, urban growth and affordable housing are key aspects of the project. “So that as we have more people in New Providence, they are housed in adequate and decent housing as well as affordable housing, and we integrate technology into that to ensure we are doing it in a sustainable manner,” said Virgill-Rolle.

“So, as we look at the integration of solar and alternative energy into our housing projects and communities, that is going to be critical. We are also going to be looking at mobility. If you have more and more people in a city, you have to think through how they move about.

“It is really about new opportunities for better organization.”

When asked about how the implementation of this plan could impact businesses, Virgill-Rolle said, “I think it’s about learning from the past and continuing to keep the public engaged in any project, so that everyone is able to plan for the future and be involved in that planning.

“So, consultation in all of our work is a key aspect in how we do things.

“It’s just a way to do things so that the business community and residents are decision makers in the process.”

According to the action plan, a sustainable Nassau could mean investment in 10 key areas: greening New Providence, renewing and conserving energy, implementing a zero waste plan, creating a healthy city, connecting Nassau digitally, urban regeneration, smart city monitoring, urban planning for sustainability, local government and an empowered people.


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