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Your cocktail of choice can have adverse affects on your calorie intake

The “aperitif effect” is essentially the amount of food consumed after indulging in alcoholic beverages. Pretty much that feeling of wanting those chicken wings after you’ve had a few too many cocktails on Friday night!

We already take in a high degree of food on a regular basis as a nation — actually, The Bahamas is listed in the top six of obese countries in the world. Food for thought, there are 195 countries on earth.

So does alcohol consumption have anything to do with this? Please pardon the generalization in this article, but we are a heavy alcoholic beverage consumption nation. Now there are individuals that don’t touch alcohol, so some points of this article might not pertain to you.

You’re out for a well-deserved weekend after a long work week. It’s only fitting that you have a nice drink to unwind. According to an article by the Mayo Clinic, “Moderate alcohol use for healthy adults means up to one drink a day for women of all ages and men older than age 65, and up to two drinks a day for men age 65 and younger.” Now we all know that we as a nation don’t follow these guidelines.

Due to the consumption of alcohol, individuals tend to intake more calories than they would in a regular day. Bear in mind, your cocktail of choice can have an immense amount of calories.

For example, on average, a regular eight-ounce mojito can have anywhere between 200 to 230 calories. Having a few of those, then diving into those wings and conch bites really can put you into the calorie stratosphere.

This isn’t to deter you from enjoying your night out, but more to enlighten you on the fact that perhaps your waistline is expanding due to the amount of alcohol that you personally consume.

For the individuals that are saying, “Well thank goodness this doesn’t pertain to me ‘cause I don’t drink” — that’s not necessarily the case. Not because you don’t have alcoholic beverages means you’re doing everything to help your waistline. That smooth, velvety malt beverage you enjoy has 221 calories and 46 grams of sugar. So while your friend might be knocking their alcoholic libations back, you might be having three of those malt tonics and not thinking of the level of sugar consumption, and what it is doing to your waistline. I guess this is where the adage “you shouldn’t throw stones” kicks in.

Yes, there are health benefits to moderate alcohol consumption. According to another article by the Mayo Clinic, “Moderate alcohol consumption can reduce your risk of developing and dying from heart disease, possibly reduce your risk of ischemic stroke (when the arteries to your brain become narrowed or blocked, causing severely reduced blood flow) and possibly reduce your risk of diabetes.” The operative word here is moderate!

So what’s the remedy? The answer is quite simple — as a nation we need to understand how important moderation is to our daily lifestyle. Just as the food on our plates shouldn’t raise and take on the circumference of the plate, nor should our excessive intake on alcohol, because it has an adverse affect on the amount of food we intake.


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