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Desperation deepens desire

The very first thing which I wish to convey to you all here today is that no one should ever make important decisions when their desperate, when they tend to panic and thus could make decisions which in the end would be very detrimental to them. So that’s the first important point here today. Now whilst that’s a rather negative point; actually the real message today is a very positive one, and it’s summed up in the actual title of today’s article ‘Desperation Deepens Desire’.

Yes My Friend, when you are desperate about something, perhaps not having enough money to meet the present needs of your family, it actually gives you a deep desire to work extra hard and to perhaps even get another job which will assist you in earning some more money which in turn will assist you in dealing with your present problems, about which you’re actually quite desperate. So you see, from what I’ve relayed to you so far, you can look at anything in life, any problem you have in a positive or negative way….yes you can!

So I do hope that from now on as you think about some of your present, pressing problems, you will make a determined effort to look at them from a positive point of view. Yes indeed, as I have told you on many occasions before; all problems are really ‘Opportunities in Disguise’ ….yes they are; of course when we look at them through a positive lens and thus always see the opportunity within the problem.

Yes My Friend, as today’s title simply and succinctly puts it ‘Desperation Deepens Desire’ and as it deepens your desire to fix the problem, you can look at it in either a positive or negative way, it’s your choice….everything is a matter of choice…..yes it is! So whatever your problems are, you can solve them and indeed MUST solve them, whatever they are, if you wish to go on to great success.

  • Think about it!

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