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A strong core is essential for your body

Your core is the stabilizer for your body. Without it, your movements would be next to nothing. So how do you ensure proper core stabilization and strength?

When people hear the word core, when it’s pertaining to the body, they automatically correlate it to abs, or the front part of the stomach. This is a misconception of what the core consists of. Your core entails a multitude of muscles that help with different movements.

Your obliques, your back, and your frontal abdominals are just a handful of muscles that constitute your core, and those clearly aren’t the technical names of the muscles. Even your hip flexors play a role in your core movement.

So why is a strong core essential for your body? It’s imperative to have stabilization throughout your body. The core plays a major role in body stabilization. Not only having a strong core, but a functional core helps with proper stabilization.

The ability to effectively rotate, bend, jump somersault or whatever movement you can think of, is correlated to a functional core. Even standing up on one leg without teetering over is due to a functional core.

Your fitness approach should encompass all aspects of you. It should focus on your functionality internally and externally.

If you’re working with a fitness professional already, you can simply ask for functional core exercises that can help you develop a stable core structure. If you’re not working with one, Google is only a click a way, and you can definitely find effective ways to obtain a functional core.

Bear in mind, if what you’re doing doesn’t feel right to your body, you’re probably doing it incorrectly or you’re not ready for that advanced level as yet.

As with any facet of your workout, progression should always be the key factor. It’s counterintuitive to do workouts that you’re not ready for, and end up with an injury.

Remember, we all want a strong core, and with proper guidance and understanding of how to obtain one, you will definitely appreciate the work and effort you will put in to creating a stronger and functional core. With that proper understanding you’ll realize that effective eating is just as important toward your endeavor.


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