Monday, Mar 25, 2019
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Sands says ‘time’s up’ on underperforming clinicians

Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands said yesterday that there is a group of underperforming clinicians in the public health service who earn $60,000 a year but work fewer than five hours a week.

Sands, who was contributing to the mid-year budget debate, said “their time is up”.

“There [is] a small but visible minority of underperforming or non-performing clinicians who do not provide the commitment or service to the people of The Bahamas for which they are paid,” he said.

“These individuals contribute mightily to the damaged morale of those that do. Some of these clinicians give as little as five hours a week or less to the health system yet complain about the $60,000 or so per year that they are paid.

“Our human resource management has not dealt with them effectively and they have continued to take advantage of a failing system. Let me advise them and the public, their time is up. Either shape up or ship out.

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