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JetBlue reporting strong upward trend from all U.S. markets to The Bahamas

JetBlue’s eight flights all came in full Friday, as the airline marked an upward trend in its numbers, the airline’s local general manager told Guardian Business.

Alan Sweeting said the airline has seen upward trending from all of its markets in the United States and is expecting strong Easter loads.

The airline, which services New Providence from Boston, New York, Washington, Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando, operates eight flights per day, except for Saturday, when it operates 10, according to Sweeting.

“We have seen a very positive trend during the past four weeks,” he said. “We have seen a steady increase from all of our markets.”

Sweeting added that JetBlue’s flight activity from now until November looks positive. JetBlue’s upward trend seems to be consistent with numbers being reported from the Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) and the Ministry of Tourism.

Last week NAD reported that arrivals at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) during December 2017 and January 2018 were the highest in the company’s history and exceeded “pre-recession travel levels”.

In the final month of 2017 and the first month of 2018, passengers landing in New Providence numbered 151,454 and 140,314, respectively, according to NAD in a press release.

“December’s increase was the highest in a single month, up nearly 15,000 over the second-best year a decade earlier,” noted NAD.

The company added that this month’s preliminary results have been even more impressive, with arrival numbers up by 24 percent over last year.

While Sweeting did not rule out the possibility of JetBlue adding capacity to The Bahamas, he said, “Right now we’re comfortable with the amount of seats we’re bringing in.”


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