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Don’t give up now

One of the most powerful things a new client said to me recently was, “I want to be able to keep up with my kids. When I’m on the floor I want to wrestle with them and they see me as this fatherly hero.”

Many times individuals don’t step outside of themselves when considering their level of health. Indirectly, your health affects the people around you, just as it affects you personally.

For someone to value their well-being in such an unselfish way, resonated with me. What if we really took our fitness and positive lifestyle changes with thoughts of the people who care about us.

Now I’m not saying to put more pressure on your health and well-being, but thinking about individuals and how your health affects the people close to you can definitely create a positive outcome.

Finding those external motivations can be the catalyst for mental reform. Knowing that you have individuals beyond you that want you to succeed and see you in a progressive healthy state can help with your long-term fitness goals.

Creating slight daily adjustments can have more of a positive outcome than you may think. Personally, I think accepting where you are now and being accountable going forward is a greater outlook.

We all have elements in our lives that create a degree of motivation. Allowing those elements to work for us rather than against us can propel us further through our long-term process.

Remember, there’s someone close to you that wants to see you succeed. If you’ve been working hard at your fitness progression since January, don’t give up now. We all get into our slumps, but seeking motivation outside of yourself is never a bad thing.


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