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Bahamas 10th on list of places Americans invest in real estate

The Bahamas is rated 10th on a list of the most popular countries for Americans to invest in real estate.

A survey conducted by international real estate services firm WIRE Consulting found that The Bahamas fell behind many European countries in regard to the popularity of its real estate. Mexico topped the list as the most popular place for Americans to invest in property.

The reasons for Mexico’s popularity were due to its proximity to the U.S., low taxes and familiar environment.

“Following at second and third place rankings are Costa Rica and Canada with similar attributes, paving the way for the European countries of the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Italy,” a release on the survey states.

“Their quality of life, artistic heritage and aspects of beauty are the reasons behind their American investments. Research has shown that different criteria come into play when Americans decide to make a real estate investment in one of these major markets, and can be closely linked to their standard of living as well as their financial means and investment plans.”

The Bahamas was the only country in the Caribbean region on the list, and despite The Bahamas’ proximity to the U.S., like Mexico and Canada, it fell behind even far away Mediterranean countries.

“Economic, fiscal, political and cultural factors weigh just as much as price points,” said WIRE Consulting CEO Angelo Cinel in the release.

“The outcome of the survey highlights how fundamental it is to undergo an investment process alongside a network of specialized advisors who have a presence in these countries and are able to design and manage investments on the major markets of the world, with a solid knowledge of the specific dynamics of local markets,” the release states.

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