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Bahamian gospel singer nominated for international awards

Sometimes in life you just have to start over.

That’s exactly what multi-award winning Bahamian gospel singer, author and journalist Vanessa Clarke had to do to launch her “Like the Dew” project.

“This was a special mandate given to me by God to remind believers that he is always around — that they are never alone in battle — whatever the perplexities of life that seek to uproot and make them weary. He will make his presence known. He is there to give them strength and to make his presence felt in their situations,” said Clarke.

Her sojourn to this point was heartbreaking, however, she said there were times when she just wanted to give up.

“The only reason why I did not give up was the fact that I knew the Lord gave me this project to do. All of the songs were inspired by him and that is why I pushed so hard. I don’t care how good you are in this business, if you could not give me your best — even in your attitude, I had no problem starting over. And I did that in some cases without any regrets,” said the radio personality, who is known in the Grand Bahama community as “Divine Lady.”

Her penchant for excellence has paid off, as the singer has been nominated for six international awards at the Prayze Factor Awards, which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, in September 2018. She was nominated in the categories of Praise and Worship Song of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, International Artist of the Year, Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year, Urban Artist of the Year and Christian Pop Artist of the Year.

“I am truly humbled by this nomination. I can’t thank God enough for giving me this mandate to take to the world. It’s why I kept pushing for perfection in the production of the music for this project. I realized that there is a spiritual component at work. I needed my producers to treat this project like anything that belonged to God, so I could not settle for mediocrity,” said Clarke.

“This song is about welcoming the presence of the Lord into your space to fight your battles in the supernatural realm, and to thwart all of the enemy’s intentions regarding you. This is good news that should bring comfort to everyone. Daddy, is still in the fight and if he is still fighting, you can’t give up! I was ready to give up on this entire project but this song ministered to me and I knew I had to keep going. I had to forgive, let go and keep it moving until I got it right. Now it’s done,” she said.

Clarke said the song “Like the Dew” was not planned to be the first release from the project but it was God’s will, and she had to change producers and the song and take the project to New Providence.

“I sat on a plane not knowing the producers at all. I had never met them. I had never been in their studio before. We were utter strangers. I had no reason to trust them. But I trusted God. I got off from work one day, bought a ticket to Nassau at 1:45 p.m. and was on the plane the same day to Nassau. I said God, this is on you. I am here. I am on the plane. Whatever happens from here is on you. Every accolade and every praise for this project belongs to him. He is leading this assignment and I am just following his lead,” she said.

“Like the Dew” was produced by Junior Scott and Freddie Seymour, whom she said completed the work in approximately two months after being engaged.

“I could not believe it. That’s what I needed. They were who I needed,” she said.

The “Like the Dew Project” will include a women’s devotional bearing the same name and a full length CD with about 10 songs. “Like the Dew” the devotional, will be her second book. Clarke released her first book, “Ready for Repositioning” in the summer of 2014 on She also finished shooting her music video for the new song which will be launched locally on the Mother’s Day special of the Phenomenal television show, hosted by veteran journalist, Joan Davis-Rolle on ZNS. It will also be launched globally on major television stations.

She has dedicated the music project to the memory of her best friend and singing companion of over 20 years, Dedrie Hanna, who passed away in January, 2018. The women’s devotional will be dedicated to her two daughters, V’ajha and V’lori.

“Like the Dew” can be found on iTunes,, CD Baby, Spotify and all of the popular download sites.

Clarke made history in The Bahamas as the winner of the Best Female Vocalist Award at the Bahamas Gospel Music Marlin Awards in 1996. She is a four-time Caribbean Gospel Music Award winner and won the Cacique Award in 2005 with her musical colleagues from Da Fam. She was recently honored at the Image Awards in Nassau for her 28 years in gospel music ministry.

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