Tuesday, Feb 18, 2020

Love or fear?

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” – 1 John 4:18

I had a talk with God during the early hours of the morning and shared with him my concerns. I did not talk about riches, power or favor, but the desire to see more of mankind adore his holy name and show more love to his brother, sister and innocent children.

I asked him why is it that man would place his brother high, only to pull him down. He said to me, “and now you understand that this is my task from day to day — watch the headlines from home and abroad of man’s inhumanity to man — I am God and beside me there is no other big or little god.”

As I navigate through the highway, byways and alleys of life — the only way to stay on course, is to follow the GPS marked “love”, for fear is the most dangerous of directions. Fear will cause us to miss heaven and catch … or should I say, end up in hell. Is it fear of losing out on life that many go abroad, never to return?

Are we afraid that many times the good that we do is evil spoken of? In spite of, continue with the roadmap, and never think of changing course by exiting at the next sign; stay the course.

Are we afraid that if we are not all things to all people, we are less than and would not be counted among the who’s who? Is this why we beat the very life out of ourselves because we fear we are very present but are treated absent?

Do we fear that once we are no longer in positions of loftiness, people will no longer listen to what we have to say or accept what we have to offer? Remember that what is done for Christ will never end up in the trash basket of life, for he knows our frame and how wonderfully and fearfully we are made.

In spite of what some may say about our neighbor to the north, the United States of America, there it does not matter if persons are retired from elected positions once they can bring to the table: national advancement, wisdom, knowledge and understanding, then they are welcomed. Is it total fear that is the root cause of many of the national ills that are bearing us down to the cave of ill repute and negativity?

Are you only happy when the bright lights of this world are shining on you, and fear the darkness of being lonely, despised and rejected?

The Apostle John in our lesson text today tells us that the power of love is the only conqueror of hate. As children of the most high God, we will not be known by the beautiful garments, hats, suits and shoes that we wear at worship time, but we will be known by our love for God and our fellowmen.

Perfect love casteth our fear. O perfect love, all human thought transcending. The only thing that fear has to offer is to keep you in round the clock torment. You are tormented when you see or hear the person’s name. You go to bed with the person on your mind and arise with the same. Fear is the fastest way of aging and ill health. It takes the smile of your face and replaces it with sinkholes and frowns. As you read, many are afraid of getting old, frail and sickly. Why think of getting old and sick? Use the power of love by way of your voice to say that you will enjoy life abundantly, be in health and have access to wealth. Most times we are in sad conditions of life because fear has become our welcomed way of life.

Let us begin this new month with the resolve that we will cast off stained garments of fear and adorn ourselves with the garment s of love, peace, joy, wisdom, and understanding. The choice is yours today to love or to fear.


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