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The Pointe: We are in compliance with HOA

The Pointe reiterated government’s response to concerns about the labor distribution on its construction site, saying it has been compliant with the terms of the heads of agreement.

The Ministry of Labour held a meeting with the executives of The Pointe last Wednesday where it determined that, despite complaints and concerns about the lack of Bahamian labor on the construction site at The Pointe, it is indeed in line with the heads of agreement.

Guardian Business got a look at the heads of agreement, which gives The Pointe developers, China Construction America (CCA), wiggle room in terms of construction techniques that require specialty labor. The heads of agreement allows The Pointe to forego the agreed labor mix of 70 percent Bahamian to 30 percent foreign.

“In response to the recent concerns raised regarding The Pointe’s compliance with the labor ratios set out in the heads of agreement, we reiterate that we are in compliance with this agreement. Those ratios apply to the overall labor requirement throughout the construction period for the project,” The Pointe stated.

“We will continue to work with government and various local construction partners in order to complete the project along the terms outlined in our agreement with government.

“We remain very excited about our development and the immense positive contribution it will make to downtown revitalization, along with adding 500 Bahamian jobs once completed.”

President of the Bahamian Contractors’ Association Leonard Sands is continuing to call for the Department of Labour to provide an explanation for its claim that the current stage of construction requires specialized skills for which “qualified Bahamians have and continue to be sought”.

“I am taken aback by the statement by the minister of labor, because we do not agree on two things: one, that the 70/30 heads agreement labor complement is being maintained,” Sands said.

“There is nothing in the heads of agreement that spoke to two different stages of work, or what type of work would determine where the 70/30 Bahamian to foreign complement is to be derogated from.”

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