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The importance of breaks and recovery

It’s four months in, you’ve been consistent with your fitness goals and you’re seeing results. It’s greatly affecting your lifestyle change and you’re loving where you’re at. There’s one problem. You’re out of breath a lot faster during your workouts, you’re continuously sore, and you’re having groggy moments.

As with anything, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. It’s time to start taking your breaks and recovery just as serious as you take your workouts. The feelings of continuous fatigue, etc … are a common sign of an individual overworking himself.

I understand mentally it took a while to get where you’re at, and you don’t want to stop. That’s not a bad thing by any means. You simply have to create a balance that will be beneficial to your progression.

Rest and recovery days are essential for your mind, body and spirit. During this period, you reap the greater benefits of all the work that you’ve put in. Your body can finally repair the strains that you’ve put on your muscles, and your metabolism can build to where it needs to be.

Now, during your rest and recovery time you shouldn’t let loose, lay back and see what happens. You don’t want to put yourself into a negative recovery factor. Remember your food intake during this time is important, as it is when you’re dedicated to going hard. There’s certainly nothing wrong with a cheat meal now and again. Having those meals help us understand balance, and the majority of the time, we realize how much of a negative affect those cheat meals have on us, especially, if it’s a meal consisting of high sugars and salts.

So what can you do when you’re on rest and recovery? Here are a few tips you can consider during your breaks.

Massages: Beyond the soothing aspect, massages help with proper blood flow and the breakdown of hydrogen iron build up in the body.

Stretching: This is just as important as your workout. Stretching helps to relieve tight muscles and prevents injuries during and after your workouts.

Hydration: Although you’re on a break, you still need to stay hydrated. You loose a lot of electrolytes during your workouts, now is a great time to restore them.

Eating: We all get those cravings. It’s okay to indulge them now and then, but this shouldn’t be a time to digress. Focus on healthy and positive nutrition during your breaks, your results happen even when you’re not sweating.

How many times you need a break is relative to the individual. If your workouts are intense and you’ve been training six times per week, you may need a little more time than an individual who trains two to three times per week.

We all know that external life factors beyond our workout regime, add stress to every aspect of our lives. Take the time to take care of your body in all regards. You’ll thank yourself as you progress.

• Stay positive. Be purely consistent. Achieve more. And go get it! Emilio Bullard is a personal trainer at Balmoral Club. He can be contacted at

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