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Be bold and tell it like it is

“When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son! Then saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother!” – John 19:26-27

In 1907, Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia conceived the idea of an annual national celebration to honor mothers, and globally the second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day.

Many of us are basking in the precious memories and teachings of diligent, faithful, moral and spiritual mothers. We join Shirley Caesar in singing “No Charge,” and salute the mother of soon to become royalty, Meghan Markle.

Sometimes I wonder if we, as women, realize the awesome God-given responsibility we have as mothers. Wow! John Q may be your father, but bless your soul, Jennie is your mother; for it was nine months the implanted seed in her incubator became you, and baby look at you now, whether good or bad, happy or sad.

In our lesson text, Jesus is dying because of crucifixion. His dear mother, Mary is heartbroken because she can render no assistance to him being brought down from the cross. It is not easily explained, the grief that parents, especially the mother experiences at the bedside of a dying child. And also, it is not uncommon to see the support of the extended family and faithful friends in the role of consolation with prayers and tears.

So at the foot of the cross were two other Marys and his beloved disciple, John. It was Mary, his mother’s sister, whose husband was Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene who had the seven devils cast out of her by Jesus.  She, I would say was the female disciple at large.

Let’s suppose that we fast forward Jesus’ crucifixion to the times in which we live. How would we as women be measured when he tells the young men of our land to “behold your mother?” Would we be absent from our motherly and wifely duties and running after the pleasures of this world? Would we be putting mundane things and events before the rearing and training of our children? Would we be absent from worshipping the true and living God, but be present at parades strutting our stuff? What are our sons/daughters to behold this Mother’s Day?

And then, what would mothers see when they are asked to “behold your sons?” It was December past that I was passing the prison, because that is exactly what it is. Correction is as a result of change in environment, the renewal of the mind and encouragement from repentance, confession and forgiveness to become new in Christ!

From stories I have heard, it is like an event for some mothers to brag about how they have to go and put money on the gate and carry them this and that. You would think they are going to a prestigious event. On this Mother’s Day, I say to many of the mothers of this land, that many of your sons are there because you neglected to carry out God’s Commandment to train up a child, in the way they should go so that when they are young and old, they would not depart from it. When nothing is put in, the result is that nothing will come out.

Sometimes we as messengers of God, have to take a page out of the life and times of Jesus and our heavenly father and begin with a whipping stick and destruction of wrong.

I was sharing with a group, the Gospel of Luke, and he was describing the health condition of many who came to Jesus for healing. Some he said were demon possessed, others were grievously tormented and when he could find no other description and being a physician, he spoke the truth and shamed the devil and wrote the diagnosis — lunatic.

If we are going to improve in this country, we can no longer pretty situations up to appease and make people feel good. We must be bold and tell it like it is.

Today, standing on the Word of God, I say to this nation again that legislation would only clean up for the day and it would be back to the same tomorrow. We can only change if we turn from our wicked ways, exploiting the uneducated and taking advantage of the poor, by becoming the righteous and doing that which is right.

Face-to-face, mother and son, what do you see in each other this Mother’s Day?

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