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DPM slams ‘disservice’ to Pineridge

Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest blasted critics of the government and warned constituents of Pineridge not to “mind the noise in the marketplace” from people who don’t understand the Minnis administration’s plans.

Turnquest’s sharp and blunt rebuke came days after Pineridge MP Frederick McAlpine called the Minnis administration’s first year in office a disappointment.

The outspoken Free National Movement (FNM) MP said the Minnis administration has perpetuated a perception that the FNM is not for the ordinary Bahamian, but for the “white, the light, the rich and the famous”.

On Thursday night, during a celebration of the FNM’s election victory last May, Turnquest said people from Pineridge have been sending him messages.

“I want to say to those members in Pineridge, who continue to send me messages… I want you to know that this Free National Movement party, that the members of Parliament from Grand Bahama, we hear you,” Turnquest said.

“We understand. I can assure you that this party, these members of Parliament, will be there for you.

“Don’t mind the noise in the marketplace. Don’t mind messages that are being sent out by people who do not necessarily understand, who do not necessarily know what is going on but yet they speak.

“It is unfortunate. It is regrettable. It is a disservice to the people of Pineridge. I say no more about that.”

Scores of FNM supporters attended the celebration, which took place at FNM headquarters on Mackey Street.

When Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis took the stage he stated that “we are stronger all together”.

“We can achieve historic reform and revitalization of this country together,” he said.

“Those who seek to divide us do so out of their own selfish and narrow interests.

“They are more loyal to their cause than they are to needs of the Bahamian people.

“Those who say we have accomplished little have purposefully closed their eyes and ears because it is in their interest to sow discord.”

Minnis did not identify anyone when he made those comments.

But during a church service last Sunday, the prime minister said that members of the party should not be attacking one another in the media and criticizing the government’s work.

“We should not attack each other in the press,” he said.

“We should not be public critics of our government’s work. In doing so, we give aid to the (Progressive Liberal Party) PLP.”

The next day, McAlpine said he does not regret criticizing the government’s and  that he will continue to be critical of the Minnis administration.

“…The constructive criticism that I am giving can only do one of two things, cause the government to move faster or to do better,” he said.

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