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Girls sexually assaulted

Police alert public in hunt for alleged child predator
Composite sketches released by the Royal Bahamas Police Force in connection to the sexual assault incidents.

Police said yesterday that two girls, ages eight and 12, were sexually assaulted in separate incidents.

Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash said police believe one person may have committed the acts. According to Cash, the first incident happened on Saturday, April 28 shortly after 4 p.m. on Bahama Avenue, off Baillou Hill Road. The victim in that incident is eight years old.

The second incident happened on Monday shortly after 3 p.m. Cash said the victim, 12, was assaulted when she was walking home.

The victim was walking on Darling Street, off Wulff Road, next to Stephen Dillet Primary School, Cash said. He noted that a photo circulating on social media of an alleged suspect is wrong.

“That is not the person we are looking for,” he said.

Asked if police believe one person committed the acts, Cash said, “Based on the MO, chances are it could be the same person, based on the MO.”

Asked why police did not report the incident on April 28, Cash said, “I’m not in a position to say that we didn’t report it. We report all incidents of crimes.”

However, police did not release any information to the media on April 28, or after that, of any sexual
assault on Bahama Avenue.

Cash warned that when children have to leave home or are walking home, to walk in groups or if they see anything that is out of the ordinary, walk into a business establishment.

The two girls will undergo counseling, Cash said.

The first incident on April 28, occurred in the St. Barnabas constituency and the second occurred in the Bain Town and Grants Town constituency.

Englerston MP Glenys Hanna-Martin said yesterday that these incidents are cause for grave concern, regardless of where they occurred.

“…You are talking about small children in a school zone,” she said when called for comment. This is something that I think has to put an entire country on alert and in particular in that community. It is a matter that I think is extremely disturbing and worrying and distressing. It is horrible.”

Hanna-Martin said this incident has to put the entire community on high alert.

“You are dealing with the most vulnerable people, a small child and in the proximity of a school,” she said. “That’s really, really disturbing. We have to cooperate as fully as we can to ensure that, that person is caught. That is a dangerous and harmful person loose right now. The worst kind of perpetrator you can imagine.”

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