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God’s grace has brought us through

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith — and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God — not by works, so that no one can boast.” – Ephesians 2:8-9


When last did you hear of the boasting of others? Every time you see or hear from them they have a litany of what they have, their husband, their children, their yard and all their flowers — what’s in their freezer and cupboard and a perpetual list goes on. Wow! Are your ears still ringing?

Mind you in many cases these are the people who came non-stop from the miry clay and through the grace of God, they are enjoying the goodness of God in the land of the living. But do they acknowledge this?

I grew up in an era when Sunday school was the in thing. Bible drills, memory verses, excluding Jesus wept, chorus singing in abundance and recitation of entire Psalms. One of my favorite Bible verses is our text for today and the meaning of grace — an unmerited favor, not really earned but given.

Today I am borrowing what a friend shared with me more than 30 years ago. When contemplating the glory, the grandeur, and the generosity of the grace of God, the subject becomes far greater than human minds can comprehend, far bigger than human tongues can express, and far larger than human hearts can perceive. All that we may presently understand of his unfolding, unending, and un-measurable grace is as comparably small as a single grain of sand on the vast beaches of this planet.

There is absolutely no explainable reason why God should so manifest his grace toward us who were so ungodly, so unworthy, so unspiritual, so unconcerned, so unclean, so unlovely, and so undone. But thank God, he does.

We deserved damnation, but through his marvelous grace he established our salvation; condemnation, but through his matchless grace he provided us justification; death, but through his merciful grace, he grants us eternal life; separation, but through his magnificent grace, he extends to us an invitation; punishment, but through his measureless grace, he gives us his life; hell, but through his massive grace, he offers us heaven; nothing, but through his miraculous grace, he supplies us with everything.

Everything that sin has destroyed, God’s grace can restore, for where sin abounded, grace did much more abound. Whereas sin pushed us down, God’s grace picked us up; whereas sin made us filthy, God’s grace washed us in the blood; whereas sin deceived us, God’s grace revealed to us the truth; whereas sin despised us, God’s grace loved us; whereas sin separated us from God, God’s grace drew us near to God; whereas sin condemned us, God’s grace justified us; whereas sin stripped us naked, God’s grace clothed us with righteousness.

Should not this give to us sufficient reason to praise him eternally for his amazing grace? Whereas sin left us in hunger, God’s grace satisfied our soul; whereas sin brought us death, God’s grace brought us eternal life; whereas sin left us in darkness, God’s grace revealed to us the light; whereas sin left us on shifting sand, God’s grace put us on the solid rock; whereas sin caused us to become guilty, God’s grace brought us forgiveness; whereas sin brought bondage, God’s grace brought glorious liberty; whereas sin caused us to fall, God’s grace helps us to stand.

God’s grace is sufficient for the poor, no matter how pathetic their poverty; the weak, no matter how feeble their steps; the tired, no matter how exhausted their body; the burdened, no matter how heavy their load; the lovely, no matter how pitiful their situation; the wretched, no matter how despairing their circumstance; the sick, no matter how painful their disease.

Indeed God’s grace can satisfy the dissatisfied, encourage the discouraged and enable the disabled in any of life’s circumstances.

Today God’s grace inspires the impatient to become patient; the indecent to become decent; the immature to become mature; the insincere to become sincere; the immodest to become modest; the impure to become pure; and the impolite to become polite.

Yes Apostle Paul, it is God’s grace that has brought us through many dangers, toils and snares and we dare not boast, for we need his grace to advance us further.


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