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State of fear

A six-year-old girl was “dragged” behind a store on April 28 by a man who attempted to rape her, according to the child’s grandfather.

“She is very traumatized about it,” the man told The Nassau Guardian yesterday. “She is trying not to even talk about it.”

The grandfather said he wasn’t there when the incident happened. But he said, “My granddaughter and the neighbor’s children were outside playing and this man or beast, he grabbed her and carried her behind the building, but he didn’t penetrate her.

“He pulled down her underwear and somehow, somebody [must have] come and he ran away and she came inside screaming.”

He expressed anger and disgust over the ordeal.

“If I [went] out there and saw him, he would be leaving from here in a body bag,” the man said. “She is six years old. That is sickening. That is very sickening. Look what happened to that little girl coming from Stephen Dillet Primary School.

“They need to put these fellows on T.V. and show it over and over. These sexual predators, they need to put them on T.V. so the public could know who they are when they catch up with them.”

The elderly man insisted that people who sexually assault children should be “lynched”.

“That’s the best remedy for them; kill them slow,” he said. “[They] are ruining little children’s lives and that’s not good; so when you catch up with them, lynch them.”

Asked how the family has been coping with the incident, the man said, “Everybody is traumatized and very upset; very, very upset.”

He said his granddaughter was unharmed and is back in school.

“We keep a good eye on her and we don’t let her go outside to play with anyone,” he said. “But she’s okay. The only thing I could do is hope and pray that police catch him. That’s all you could hope for.”

The man urged the assailant to turn himself in.

“Turn yourself in. Remember you [probably] have nieces and nephews; you may have sisters and you have a mother; turn yourself in,” he said. “That is wrong what you are doing to little children.”

On Tuesday, police reported that two girls, ages six (previously reported as eight) and 12, were sexually assaulted in separate incidents.

Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash said police believe one person may have committed the acts.

According to Cash, the first incident happened on Saturday, April 28 shortly after 4 p.m. on Bahama Avenue, off Baillou Hill Road. The second incident happened on Monday, shortly after 3 p.m.

Cash said the 12-year-old was assaulted while she was walking home. She was walking on Darling Street, off Wulff Road, next to Stephen Dillet Primary School, Cash said.

Composite sketches of suspects. RBPF


Residents in the area are now expressing concern for the safety of their children; some have even changed their routines.

Nirva Carda, a mother of four, including a nine-year-old girl who attends Stephen Dillet, said she can’t take the risk of allowing her child to walk home anymore, even though the school is only a stone’s throw away.

Carda said her little girl and her neighbor’s 10-year-old daughter often walk home together.

That is no longer an option, she said.

“That’s stressful [because] when you have your kids, you don’t want [anything] wrong [to] happen to them.

“Now I need to start [picking her up], because I don’t want something [to] happen. I don’t want that to be my little girl.”

Carda said police need to increase patrols in the area.

Henry Wright, a father of a three-year-old girl, is also calling on police to increase patrols near the school.

“I think in the afternoon or in the morning from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., I feel as if they should have extra police around vigilant to watch these little children,” Wright said.

He noted that some parents are unable to leave their jobs to pick up their children from school, so sometimes the only option for some single parent families is for the children to walk home.

“I don’t think it’s fair on some of them,” Wright said. “They send their child out for a better life and this fellow comes and does that. “[I don’t] think that’s fair on their behalf.”

Wright said the incident is “sickening”.

“I don’t think it’s fair to those little girls that, that happened [to] because I have a little girl and I think if it happened to me, the law wouldn’t have been enough to save him.

“…They need to put him in jail, but first before they do that, they need to tie him up in Rawson Square to the statue, let a few of our citizens go out there and deal with him on a personal level.

“I think that would be more fair before they send him to jail and he [get] back out on the road again.

“I feel as if they should cripple him in an area he can’t do it again; castrate him.”

Wright said his friends and cousins often sit outside and watch the neighborhood to ensure everything is okay.

He said this is something they will have to continue.

“We still [have to] help look out because now that’s too close for comfort,” Wright said. “I live right down the road from the school and I [have] a little sister that goes there.”

The Southside Boyz Junkanoo shack is adjacent to where the 12-year-old was assaulted. Anthony Richardson, the group’s chairman, said he is saddened that the incident happened right under their noses.

“It’s very sad and we all are still depressed,” Richardson said. “It happened right under our [noses] and we could not see how it happened.

“Our organization volunteers our services as crossing guards for Stephen Dillet Primary School from 3 p.m. – 3 :45 p.m. We were doing our services that day and we did not see anything and it is so sad.”

Richardson said they are very concerned that the man has not been caught.

“What my organization is going to do is we are going to have some of the guys canvas the area through Darling Street, while the kids are coming from school, to be protectors for them.

“We really protect the kids. The kids are our hearts and it’s so sad that it happened right under our [noses] but we are going to do our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again. It hasn’t heightened our fear, but we just have to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We are cautious.”

Police said yesterday they had no one in custody in relation to the matters and were appealing for help with their investigations.

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