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Always take a healthy approach to dieting

The amount of trend diets that have popped up in the past decade can be too much to handle. With so many, you begin to second-guess what you’re doing when considering a healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to your food intake.

The list of diets are a bit much to mention. But the problem with trends is they fade away. Most of the time when they fade away, they’re replaced by something a bit more extreme.

Bear in mind, before taking on a lifestyle diet or reforming your intake, I highly recommend consulting with a nutritionist.

Most individuals read information online and forget they should consult one on one with a professional individual to make sure their approach is a healthy approach.

We all know the Internet is filled with positive and negative information. The right information certainly helps.

Many times people start fad diets not understanding how their body will react and how they can cause more harm than good. Understanding your approach is essential when choosing a healthy lifestyle — especially a lifestyle that’s geared around a positive eating adjustment.

If you’re burning a plethora of calories during your workout, and you’re in-taking a minimum amount of calories throughout your day, you will ensure that you lose weight. With that said, building lean muscle doesn’t coincide with the same approach.

Burgers and fries.

Being mindful of how the body works and that each individual is different should be an understanding and not a complex. Personally, I don’t feel the general populous does enough to educate themselves on how certain foods affect their body in a positive and negative sense.

If you’re not doing enough to understand the foods that you’re eating and how it affects you, how can you delve into a diet that’s centered around a trend. It’s creating grounds for you to fail, and that certainly isn’t the approach that you bargained towards when adjusting your lifestyle.

We are not discounting nor taking away anything from “diets” that have worked for individuals. If it worked for you, then you should allow it to be a mainstay within your lifestyle. At this point, it’s probably no longer a diet if it works, and it is exactly what you wanted it to be, a lifestyle. Do be mindful that even if it does work, that it should be a healthy solution. The outward appearance isn’t the only essential in this goal. The physical, mental, spiritual and interior health should be the pinnacle as to why you took on this approach.


  • Stay positive. Be purely consistent. Achieve more. And go get it! Emilio Bullard is a personal trainer at Balmoral Club. He can be contacted at [email protected]
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