Wednesday, Nov 21, 2018
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Blockchain conference launched to promote GB as tech hub

Declaring that the technology sector in The Bahamas is open for business, Minister of State for Grand Bahama Kwasi Thompson yesterday launched the Bahamas Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference (BBCC), slated for June 20 on Grand Bahama.

The conference is designed to attract investors, entrepreneurs, service providers and tech companies from all over the world who are focused on making investments, starting and developing companies and building business relationships with blockchain technology, Thompson said during a press conference at the Grand Lucayan resort.

“We really believe that this technology is the way of the future. Our goal is to reach and to bring to Grand Bahama representatives of over 500 companies. That is better than 20 or 30 promotional trips that we take. That is one of the reasons why this conference is so important,” he said.

“Further the BBCC will provide The Bahamas, in particular Grand Bahama, with the opportunity to present itself to the world as a jurisdiction that has an established framework, financial and immigration policies that are favorable for technology companies that want to incorporate and be domiciled here in The Bahamas.”

In November, following government’s first technology summit, Press Secretary Anthony Newbold said

government has received several proposals from technology companies looking to start up businesses in Grand Bahama.

The summit involved presenters from companies like Google, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard.

“The technology summit was instrumental in beginning the strategic planning process of building a technology sector in The Bahamas. The government has since begun implementing recommendations of the steering committee to make this technology hub a reality,” Thompson said.

“One such recommendation, which we are now implementing, is the hosting of a major international conference, which would bring hundreds of tech companies to Grand Bahama; this was one of their first recommendations. The committee also recommended that the conference take the form of a venture conference to establish The Bahamas as a global player in introducing venture investors to seed early stage companies.”

Thompson reiterated government’s commitment to making The Bahamas a premier place to do business.

“We believe that Grand Bahama is uniquely suited to become an internationally recognized technology and innovation hub. As such we have set out to make Grand Bahama this region’s Silicon Valley,” he said.

“We also anticipate that this conference will serve to present Freeport as an ideal location to establish offices and global headquarters for new companies.”


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