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Survey: Bahamas among top locations for U.S. tourists this summer

More Americans are planning to travel this summer, according to Generali Global Assistance’s travel insurance division, with its annual survey putting The Bahamas among the top destinations Americans are likely to visit this year.

Generali’s survey found that 68 percent of Americans are interested in traveling this summer. Just two years ago that number was 61 percent. The survey was conducted between March 29 and April 19.

The Bahamas was in the number three spot in regards to preferred foreign destination for U.S. travelers; it had to share that spot with Italy and France.

Americans and Brazilians were tied as the most likely groups to travel, just ahead of Chinese travelers at 67 percent and Europeans at 64 percent.

The survey also notes that “budgets for U.S. travelers declined modestly by one percentage point to $2,643, while average trip duration increased modestly to 1.5 weeks”.

“Beaches and cities once again topped the list for U.S. travelers in terms of preferred location,” noted a press release on the survey.

“As for preferred activities while on vacation, for Americans… spending time with family and friends was the most desired, followed by discovering different cultures/getting a complete change of scenery, and relaxing.

“Americans are also more likely to stay connected to social media, with only 40 percent saying they will use it less than usual, compared to 56 percent of Europeans who will spend less time on social media, and the Chinese who will be the most connected group, with only 31 percent spending less time than usual on social media.”

According to Generali’s findings, hotels continue to top the list of preferred accommodation at 55 percent, which the company said was down slightly from last year’s 57 percent.

Generali said millennials are more likely to use an individual’s private house/apartment, rent a room in a private house, or engage in a free home exchange.

Americans’ top three decision-making factors for accommodations are location (63 percent), value (57 percent) and online reviews (33 percent), according to Generali.

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