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Police fired 40 shots at suspect, court hears

Two police officers fired a combined total of 40 shots during a fatal shooting, a coroner’s jury heard yesterday.

The jury is investigating the circumstances surrounding the November 25, 2016 shooting death of 23-year-old Lorenzo Bain, a mental patient, at Baillou Hill Road South.

The officers, Assistant Superintendent Ezra Maycock and Kendal Strachan, were responding to reports of a gunman firing into traffic when the incident unfolded.

Testifying yesterday was Bain’s sister, Eldreka, who said, “I think if they knew his condition, the outcome would have been different.”

She said that Bain was a Sandilands patient, but to her knowledge he was taking his medication.

Attorney Anishka Missick, who is marshaling the evidence, also called firearms examiner Charles Bain to testify.

He said that the investigators did not submit the two 9mm pistols to him for examination. The only firearm submitted was the shotgun that Bain was allegedly wielding at the time of his death.

Bain said he received 40 spent 9mm cartridges and wadding from a shotgun.

Because he did not receive any shotgun cartridges, Mr. Bain could not conclusively determine if the wadding came from the submitted shotgun.

Missick asked if it was protocol for firearms in police shooting to be confiscated.

Bain said that they were “submitted [for examination] in some cases”.

Asked to elaborate by Coroner Jeanine Weech-Gomez, Bain said that there is a firearms shortage and sometimes the guns were re-issued to the officers.

Bain emphasized that he only examined what was given to him by the investigators.

Attorney Devard Francis, who represents the officers, asked if there was a limitation on the number of shots that police could fire.

Bain said there was not.

Francis asked Bain what police officers were trained to do if confronted by someone with a shotgun.

He replied, “Shoot until the threat no longer exists.”

Attorney Ian Cargill, who represents the estate of the deceased, asked Bain if he could say whether the shotgun had been fired.

Bain replied that he could not.

The inquest continues.

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